Subtopia - The Kovenant - SETI (Cassette, Album)

Hollow Earth. Industrial Twilight. The Memory Remains. Lars Ulrich. Cybertrash Kovenant. Planet of the Apes Kovenant. Star by Star Kovenant. There are certainly a lot of keyboards here as well, but they rarely do more than simply exist.

They just stab away in the background, content to defer to Arnesen's robotic droning and the occasional bursts of more spirited riffing passages. From a metal standpoint, The Kovenant can do little more than summon a simple beat-driven groove sequence like during the intro of "Acid Theatre".

Svensson's dessicated riffs sound meaty enough, but are always delivered in such a trite, churning manner that they can't help but hit a brick wall when the band tries to gather itself for a more concerted sonic assault like during the verses of "Via Negativa".

They are always in the stop-start vein that precludes the accretion of anything even approaching tension. As such, they crunch away in the foreground in a failed attempt at adding extremity to the entire ordeal. Being an electronically-driven album, S. I features multiple percussive layers that can often be difficult to dissect. Hellhammer's talents are largely wasted here, but a more extreme drum performance would probably take away from the band's one true strength, which is the occasional groovier passages that sporadically surface.

The kit sounds cavernous and organic, with deep reverberating toms alongside a relatively untouched snare sound. The gabber-influenced distorted bass drops that are strategically layered over the kit help add some diversity, but also distract as much as they enthrall.

In the end it does little but amplify the fact that the approach is just fatally flawed at it's core. Fellow Norwegians Dimension F3H manage to join chest-pounding death metal passages with catchy futuristic synths, so why can't The Kovenant pull it off? Arnesen sounds decent enough, I guess. He reminds me of Deathstars at times, which again is kind of neither here nor there from a metalhead's perspective. He certainly has the ersatz delivery down, which actually lifts the otherwise phoned-in cover of "The Memory Remains" from the void.

I isn't a complete waste, with some of the isolated electronic sections demanding attention and evoking a very potent atmosphere. With the vocal contribution on this one kept to a minimum, it manages to clutch it's foreboding atmosphere close to it's chest and never lets it go. The rest of the album simply meanders too much to ever really get going in any one direction.

I can clearly go on, but the point is made. The only song I have ever heard off of Animatronic was "Mirrors Paradise", which still had enough of a metal heart present to appeal to the heavier end of the spectrum. The Kovenant clearly lost that in the time between their quasi-debut and S. Despite their limited number of releases and the fact that only two are any good , The Kovenant has always been one of my favorite bands. They're what inspired me to look into industrial music in general, and with Animatronics and SETI, they make for the perfect gateway band for metalheads to begin the transition from black metal to industrial.

While Animatronics remains the epitome of black metal-influenced industrial, SETI represents the band's transition from their metal roots to a much more pure industrial sound, while still retaining a shitload of metal headbangability and just general greatness. SETI has an extremely electronic sound to it, with focus on "metal". While Animatronics was still centered on down-tuned guitars, misanthropic dejection, and anti-Christianity, SETI is more "nuclear", so to speak. This is apocalyptic music for those who find church burning to be just as romantic and idealized as gas masks.

And best of all, it's fucking catchy. While a lot of industrial metal falls into the same trap that many straight-up industrial falls into - that of unmemorable songs that all sound relatively uninteresting and depressingly similar to one another - The Kovenant, particularly with SETI, has always been capable of packing their albums full of distinctly unique songs that somehow manage to never get old.

From the cyberpunk-esque openers "Cybertrash" and "Planet of the Apes", to the slower, detached-sounding "Star By Star" and "Neon", to the misanthropic "Via Negativa" or the nuclear funeral dirging "Industrial Twilight", every single song on SETI is an individual masterpiece in and of itself.

There's more variety on this album than you can shake a stick at, and yet, it doesn't sound at all gimmicky, and it never feels like it's just a bunch of unfinished ideas smashed together and called a CD. The clear, gothic female vocals from Animatronics are gone and replaced with a much more industrial, almost robotic-sounding girl occasionally.

Deciding to take a break from recording music the band went their separate ways after they returned to Europe. By November the band decided to record a fourth album. In the new album SETI was released and the band decided to do more touring than last time.

However this conflicted with Von Blomberg's other projects e. Besides, I am still waiting for Nuclear Blast to answer me I sent about a dozen emails so far. Or would you take my life and try to make it yours? Prove me wrong, but I'll still see it my own way Would you die for this?

Crossbred and numbered, we are cybertrash 2. Planet Of The Apes To many lies breeds to many flies It's evolution through confusion Hate is never without reason Love is never without treason Monkey see - Monkey do Evolution was never true Of all the lies they feed to you What you see is what you do Monkey me and monkey you "Godly" parasites in massive invasion Deformed creation Unnatural Invention Procreate, then desecrate - Inseminate, then devastate No hope for humanity It's a planet of apes Monkey see - Monkey do Evolution was never true Of all the lies they feed to you What you see is what you do Monkey me and monkey you Nothing new ever came out of someone like you Don't decieve yourself thinking that you know what to do What will you do when all your toys are broken What will you say when all your lines are spoken No hope for humanity Star By Star We were alone and on our own, in the dark between the stars From the shadows to the pyre, amidst the chaos, from the stars Love, life and liberty, Hate, death and captivity Like a stain of starless darkness, across the canvas of space Star by Star Corrupting all of humanity So much alike are we When I see you I see me Galaxies glitter in the black night sky, Towards progress, towards death From the stars we have come, and to the stars we will return The violence of passion - The passion of violence The perverse impulses - The savage egoism The wicked presence - The wicked essence The thing that unites us - The thing that divides us Star by Star Corrupting all of humanity So much alike are we When I see you I see me 4.

Via Negativa The arrogance of angels, the heresy of Christ The stupidity of humanity, the skeletons of society It's time to separate the saints from the sinners Judgement day is coming - Evacuate then renovate Proclaimed by a thousand prophets, believed by a million fools But the day will come when everything falls apart All it takes is a single act of animal desperation And what if all the things we believed in were true Decades of decadence and aeons of evil Worldwide terror in the shape of a shining star From the center of damnation to the outskirts of Hell Redemption only comes with a pair of numbered wings In our quest for miracles, we started a war of genitals Disguised as the bearers of justice, we took your fears a made you a God Why are you afraid of something you're not even sure exists?

I am the maze of God I am the true face of fraud Embrace the pain, and I will lead you to another heaven For who are you to belive in another paradise than mine? Deciding to take a break from recording music the band went their separate ways after they returned to Europe.

By November the band decided to record a fourth album. In the new album SETI was released and the band decided to do more touring than last time.

SETI & The Wait For Aria Galactica (—) In , the band found themselves back in the studio, recording SETI, their fourth album. The full-length release was preceded by a promotional EP SETI Club, and both were issued in Von Blomberg decided to Missing: Subtopia.

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  1. SETI is the fourth studio album by the Norwegian industrial metal band, The Kovenant, and was released in through Nuclear Industrial metal.
  2. Label: Nuclear Blast - NB ,Nuclear Blast - NB • Format: CD Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Industrial Metal, Heavy Metal The Kovenant - SETI (, CD) | Discogs Explore/5(28).
  3. The entire album is of an incredibly high standard in song writing and musicianship and is delivered with surgical intensity. There is however an oversight on the CD version, track 13 Subtopia and track 14 The Memory Remains are omitted although displayed on the back cover in the song list/5(19).
  4. Aug 10,  · referencing SETI, Cass, Album, IROND MC Bought my cassette sealed, right cover, right writing on the cassette, but there is another album on it. Enigma - /5().
  5. Subtopia [Limited Edition Bonus] We are the shattered illusions of a perfect world We are the symptoms of your deceases We are your self-imposed arch nemesis And we are your broken hopes and dreams We are the people of subtopia And we make no sound underneath the ground We are the ones you didnt want us to be Now were taking over, were.
  6. Découvrez des références, des avis, des crédits, des chansons, et bien plus encore à propos de The Kovenant - SETI sur Discogs. Achetez des Vinyles & CDs et complétez votre collection The Kovenant.
  7. The Kovenant is certainly one of the most intriguing bands ever to emerge on the Scandinavian metal scene. The exclusive re-release of Kovenant's amazing album - "SETI" - showcase a group that is not afraid to experiment with different genres/5(16).

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