Stou Kalamara To Koutouki - Tacticos And His Bouzoukis - La Grèce (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Tucked into a small Highway frontage road enclave, Koutouki Greek Estiatorio restaurant offers a delightful surprise that is easily missed by the casual passerby. Seemingly tiny from the street, the entire restaurant progresses from the front dining room along a zig-zag glass wall to a larger dining room with substantial black-topped bar and opens onto a lovely shaded patio in the back and side of the building. More patio dining is along the zig zag glass wall overlooking the parking area. The instrument you heard and fell in love with this past summer at the Greek festival That detail can color the sound.

You described the sound as 'tinny rattling' when strummed. When mine first arrived from Athens, it had some very minimal string buzz due to its incredibly low action. Soundfarmer Pete made reference to the phenomenal action with his second bouzouki having 'an action that most guitarists can only dream of! That addressed the 'rattling'. As to the 'tinny' I don't know if you care at all about electric guitars, but my experience with those instruments give me a perspective on the Greek bouzouki.

There are two major types of pickups - humbuckers and single pole. Well, yes, there is the piezo and maybe some others, but that does not really play into my thoughts here. Humbucker tone is usually described as 'beefy' or 'fat', a sound typified by many of the Gibson Les Pauls or SGs. Single pole tone is often described as 'thin' - I have often added the terms 'greasy' and 'brittle' - and on a positive note, 'sparkling', a sound typified by many of the Fender Stratocasters or Telecasters.

To me, a Martin or Gibson dreadnought is the acoustic instrument equivalent of a humbucker powered instrument. A Greek bouzouki is the acoustic instrument equivalent of a single pole powered instrument.

While most of the adjectives describing the single pole tone can be negative on their face, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Jimi Hendrix among many, many others have hauled a load of cash to the bank making use of that 'thin, brittle, greasy, about to crumble' quality. As to the bouzouki sound, I would add 'hollow', probably brought on by the shape and depth of the bowl.

Its 'greasy' sound comes probably from a combination of the scale length and the low tension strings. That hollow, greasy quality can be described in the single word, 'tinny'. Again, while that is often used derisively in describing the tone of an instrument, like Clapton, Hendrix, et.

Yes, the Greek bouzouki does have a voice that is on the strange side to our Western ears. Play around with it and don't let the 'negative' descriptors rip the life out of you. You'll be able to pull some very interesting music out of the thing and turn a few heads in the process.

Sakis makes decent instruments, and deserves his presence in this narrow, specialty market. My point was that, being a mass-producer, he turns out instruments that are in a "neutral", "blank", neither-here-nor-there state of adjustment.

So it is both reasonable and expectable that, after spending some time with a brand new instrument, the player should get to put his own "signature" on it by way of the set-up he likes best. Kevin, Thanks for your post. It is enlightening to have footage of people actually playing the thing particularly when played well. Lush Beach Bar Resto Company. Sage Restaurant Company. The Steak House Company. Kalamies Beach Restaurant Company.

Avli tou Vasilea Company. The Fish Market Cyprus Company. The Enigma Restaurant Company. Columbia Steak House Company. Hobos Steak House Company. Byzantino Restaurant at Casale Panayiotis Company. Bastione Company. Loutraki restaurant Company. Londa's hotel lounge and bar plays host to a vibrant social scene and along with the Caprice Restaurant, they are among the most sought-after venues in Cyprus Lush Beach Bar Resto.

A fantastic spot, located at Makenzy district in Larnaca, characterised by the calm of pure white, it invites you to moments of calmness and relaxation Sage Restaurant. The Steak House. Kalamies Beach Restaurant. Kalamies - the restaurant with the 'wow' factor! Avli tou Vasilea. A beautiful listed old house in the historic Ayiou Andreou Street adjacent to the Columbia Plaza is the setting of this exceptional taverna The Fish Market Cyprus. The Fish Market Limassol The Enigma Restaurant. Columbia Steak House.

An impressive venue within the ultrasleek Columbia Plaza. It offers excellent service. The menu includes some solid starters, imaginative soups and a large selection of s The Deck at Alion Beach Hotel. Hobos Steak House. Hobos Steak House is situated in the prime location of Finikoudes in Larnaka with a panoramic seafront view serving excellence for the past 30 years to all its guests Byzantino Restaurant at Casale Panayiotis.

The Byzantino restaurant offers delicious Cypriot cuisine based on traditional recipes and fresh local ingredients and produce Snuggling between the old Famagusta Gate and the Melina Melcouri Hall is the Bastione Restaurant Bar which is a popular meeting place for friends and couples Loutraki restaurant. For a truly memorable experience choose to eat at the new restaurant in Kalopanayiotis village, called Loutraki Cydive Company. The bothers Panagis at their workshop.

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How to Learn the Bouzouki – Mpouzouki. The bouzouki is a traditional Greek, stringed instrument similar to a mandolin. The bouzouki has a pear-shaped body, a long neck and is a member of the lute family. This instrument comes in two types: three-course .

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  1. La Grèce von Manos Tacticos & His Bouzoukis als 2-LP, mit Tracklist und weiteren Infos. Informationen zum Tonträger La Grèce, 2-LP, , Gatefold × Stou Kalamara To Koutouki: C: A 4. Mes Stin Pista Vre Manoli: C: A 5.
  2. Mar 17,  · Tacticos and his Bouzoukis play more music from the Greek Islands. White Rose of Athens. - Duration: bishdaboo 1, views. Lazy - Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa - .
  3. The Bouzouki & Guitar Stores We started as a really small store and workshop 35 years ago, at the same spot in which you will find us even today. Just traditional instruments for the local musicians.
  4. Original Greek bouzouki, for the ones that want a bouzouki with stable construction, the best sound an instrument can get, from a company that has 65 years experience on constructions of bouzouki.
  5. My name is Costa Vasili and I live in Sydney, Australia. I have been playing and teaching bouzouki (and guitar) for many years. For a long time I wanted to write Bouzouki tuition books in English to help those who want to learn to play Bouzouki but would prefer to learn in English.
  6. According to witnesses, the 4-string instruments, similar to bouzouki, existed since the old on the great composer and virtuoso George Zabetas, we learn that a kind of 4-string bouzouki was played by his grandfather and father. Furthermore, there is a story about the typographer Giorgos Skourtis playing a 4-string instrument way long before the 3-string bouzouki was released in.
  7. Στα καταστήματα "The Bouzouki Shop" Πολυδώρου θα βρείτε πληθώρα εγχόρδων οργάνων όπως, λαούτο.

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