Star 29 - X-Vinyl - God Save The Scene (CD)

The fact that a laserdisc player could jump to and play any chapter instantaneously rather than proceed in a linear path from start to finish like videotape meant that games with branching plotlines could be constructed from out-of-order video chapters, in much the same way as Choose Your Own Adventure books are constructed from out-of-order pages. Thus, interactive movies were animated or filmed with real actors like movies or in some later cases, rendered with 3D models and followed a main storyline.

Alternative scenes were filmed to be triggered after wrong or alternate allowable actions of the player such as ' Game Over ' scenes. A popular example of a commercial interactive movie was the arcade game Dragon's Lair , featuring a full motion video FMV cartoon by ex- Disney animator Don Bluth , where the player controlled some of the moves of the main character.

When in danger, the player was to decide which move, action, or combination to choose. If they chose the wrong move, they would see a 'lose a life' scene, until they found the correct one which would allow them to see the rest of the story.

There was only one possible successful storyline in Dragon's Lair ; the only activity the user had was to choose or guess the move the designers intended them to make. Despite the lack of choice, Dragon's Lair was very popular. The hardware for these games consisted of a laserdisc player linked to a processor configured with interface software that assigned a jump-to-chapter function to each of the controller buttons at each decision point.

If you turn right, go to page 8", the controller for Dragon's Lair or Cliff Hanger was programmed to go to the next chapter in the successful story if a player activated the correct control, or to go to the death chapter if they activated the wrong one.

Because laserdisc players of the day were not robust enough to handle the wear and tear of constant arcade use, they required frequent replacement. The laserdiscs that contained the footage were ordinary laserdiscs with nothing special about them save for the order of their chapters and, if removed from the arcade console, would play their video on standard, non-interactive laserdisc players.

Later advances in technology allowed interactive movies to overlay multiple fields of FMV, called "vites", in much the same way as polygonal models and sprites are overlaid on top of backgrounds in traditional video game graphics.

This movie was first screened at Expo '67 in Montreal. This film was produced before the invention of the laserdisc or similar technology, so a live moderator appeared on stage at certain points to ask the audience to choose between two scenes. The chosen scene would play following an audience vote. The first interactive movie game was Nintendo 's Wild Gunman , a electro-mechanical arcade game that used film reel projection to display live-action full-motion video FMV footage of Wild West gunslingers.

Ahl , editor of Creative Computing. This was a text adventure that could trigger a laserdisc player to play portions of the feature film Rollercoaster However, the game that popularized the genre in the United States was Dragon's Lair , animated by Don Bluth and released by Cinematronics shortly after.

Several laserdisc games added their own innovations to the genre. Bega's Battle , released by Data East in , introduced " branching paths ", in which there were multiple "correct moves" at certain points in the animation, and the move the player chose would affect the order of later scenes. Space Ace , another Don Bluth animated game released by Cinematronics the following year, also featured a similar branching formula.

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Currently we do not use targeting or targeting cookies. The distribution deal with Word lasted about four years. Tempo simplified the numbering system, changing it to the SSR series, using the same running sequence started in and continuing through the series.

This allowed the Star Song catalog to have continuous numbering for their albums from 1 forward, despite the distribution changes. In , Star Song moved from Houston to Nashville, but business continued pretty much as usual, except for the notation about "Jubilee Communications" being dropped from the record jackets.

At that point, it became entangled with Sparrow, rather than operating as an independent label. By , barely two years later, EMI announced that Star Song would henceforth be an imprint used only for special projects. Since that time, the CDs issued have been mostly compilations of back catalog material. The original Star Song label far left was dark blue with cream colored print, with the Star Song Logo taking up the upper left quarter of the label. He's not without a sensitive side though as he is prone to crying like a girl at some points too.

Why I love this movie: You have a solid likable cast that I love, awesome score from Mark Mancina, cool characters, ton's of action, a lot's of explosions, lot's of gun fire and awesome fights, including incredible stunts that I love.

Gainey gave us a wonderful action performance in a action film I have ever seen. Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe is a bad ass action decent hero, that I love him so much.

John Cusack as U. Marshall Vince Larkin is awesome and incredible likable hero in this movie. John Malkovich as Cyrus Grissom is a bad ass villain and he is also very brilliant and insane. I love Colm's character in this movie. I love Steve Buscemi as Garland Greene, I love his character I don't think his character is dangerous or a serial killer, because on the airport Garland doesn't kill a young girl a child, I think he redeemed him self.

He even safe's her on the plain twice when Johnny 23 Danny Trejo try's to rape her. I love that Baby-O protects Cameron against Cyrus and confess that he is a traitor on a plain, but he wasn't.

I love this flick. There a re a lot of action scenes that I completely love and I have enjoyed them including a explosion's fire truck who explodes in Las Vegas. A lot of gun fights. Cameron using his martial art's skills on a air field, Cameron beating three guys on a plain and force the pilot to land the plain down.

Overall: Con Air get's a perfect 10 by for incredible awesome high energy solid action flick of the 90's that I love to death! The film borrows its title from the nickname of the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System. SnoopyStyle 17 May He is challenged by 3 drunks outside of a bar and kills one. He is sentenced to 7 to 10 years in prison. He gets paroled and he's hitching a plane ride until his release. The plane has his friend cellmate Baby-O Mykelti Williamson as well as many dangerous supermax prisoners on their way to a new prison.

Malloy sneaks a gun with his undercover agent onto the plane. Diamond Dog Ving Rhames is a militant black prisoner. This is an over-the-top ridiculous cartoon action thriller. One has to leave all reasonable logic behind.

There is a lot of unnecessary overacting by Meaney. With all the great action, the movie should be a lot more thrilling and intense. The jokey irreverent feel makes it less intense. After awhile, it's not about the plot or whether Baby-O gets the help.

It's what other ridiculous things are they going to pull. I have to roll my eyes when Steve Buscemi arrives as Hannibal Lecter. However it is so ridiculous that it's kind of fun. RbDeraj 1 May I will start off by saying that I found this movie entertaining despite its vast number of flaws. Stories of innocent wrongly convicted men always seem to interest me for some reason and this had a unique plot that hadn't been done before.

The cast was very good, you can't get many more big names than that into one film. Steve Buscemi was perfect in his role of the psychotic yet likable serial killer. My complaints though are more than just a few. First off, the music throughout the entire movie was so out of place and quite comical at times. While I enjoyed the action much of it was completely implausible and most of it degraded into nonstop explosions. A lot of the dialogue seemed rushed in the beginning, and much of the latter was cheesy.

Question: Has Nic Cage ever been to the South? I think not. He didn't make the accent believable whatsoever. He reminds me of Tom Hanks attempting to do the same thing, but they both end up sounding like people with slow mental ability. The scene in the end tried to leave the movie on a serious touching note, but it came off so awkwardly. I don't regret watching it but it isn't something that I'll probably ever watch again.

And that is even despite the fact that it is a Nicolas Cage movie. The story is quite straight forward, a plane transporting the most dangerous and deadly of criminals gets hijacked by the very same prisoners it was supposed to transport. Amongst the prisoners is Cameron Poe who is on his way home to his family and tries his best to see to it that it happens.

There is a lot of action in the movie, almost from start to end, and it nicely choreographed and executed. But there is also a lot of really interesting and detailed characters in the movie. But even more impressively is the ensemble of cast which is nothing short of amazing.

You can't have a proper action movie without those. And then there is Nicolas Cage's hair, are you kidding me? I will end my review here, before the bunny gets it Take the ride MichaelOates 8 March Strap yourselves in, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for one of the most exhilarating thrill rides of your life as "Con Air" takes you on a two-hour adventure that includes an all-star cast, powerful action sequences and great direction.

Everyone will be glad to learn that "Con Air" is an action film that is able to have a great story to accompany it. Originality and believability are two more keys to the success of a film because if nobody believes the story, success can be thrown out the window. Box Set. Double LP. Speed see all. Artist see all. The Beatles. David Bowie. Pink Floyd. Elvis Presley. Release Year see all. Record Label see all. Edition see all. Record Grading see all. Condition see all. Not specified.

Please provide a valid price range. Buying format see all. All listings. Best Offer. Buy it now. Classified Ads. Item location see all.

The Sex Pistols were fired from A&M Records in because of outrageous behaviour and their single God Save the Queen was never released - but a few copies were given as gifts to A&M executives, making it very sought after amongst collectors. There is no doubt that if you still have a record player, music records are a great choice.

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  6. VISCERA is my first God Module cd. I recently acquired a copy of it because I was curious to hear their music. It goes without saying VISCERA is one of the best albums in the industrial/EBM genre I have ever heard. God Module successfully weaves addictively infectious pop hooks with their in your face, aggressive industrial beats and vocals/5(13).
  7. This is a CD version of the LP that came out many years ago, a concert of quality from a quality performer. All the usual favorites if you are familiar with John Denver's music, mostly covering the songs that had made him such a star up to this point/5().

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