Skyway (4) - Take These Days EP (CD)

At one point in my life with this agency, if you reach the maximum number of hours that could be accrued you were forced to take the off. I think it's only be enforced on two people, me being one of them. I'm still dealing with boxes after the move, really need to get that done so I can have my new couch delivered. I do get today off, full time office staff get holidays off. Then I'll huddle in my cushy chair, read, watch the Giants game and drink lots of water and diet soda and pray we don't have any rolling blackouts.

I actually have an air conditioning home for the first in my life. It was here yesterday when I finished running at noon. We reached at We went ti dinner in Cupertino, and it was still at pm. Enjoy your air conditioning! I still have an office, so I use that most days too. Hubs is now full-time remote and is using the dining room table. We bought him a new chair. I have a nice office set up here at home but rarely use it. Oh so scary. And yes, "time off" takes on a whole new meaning.

We don;t have AC, and there are days But yikes, Susan, not ! Yes, and the fires continue to burn, our air quality has improved a bit, but it is still smoky here in the Bay Area. At 2pm it's in Santa Rosa. It will get warmer. I didn't have AC until 3 months ago.

I'm trying to remember to keep the fan on auto and not continuous. I'm working at my kitchen table. I'm also working from home for the first time in my life. I'm discovering I really enjoy it. I'm going to miss it when I go back to the office. No idea when that will be at this point. We've been told we are working from home through the end of the year at least.

Yes, isn't it a weird thought? I've been wondering about that, too. That means undoing multiple pages of directions and then starting again. I speak from LEGO experience here. Oh, yes. And "the kids" don't even look at the instructions! I've been busy lately carving out my office space. Some of you may have seen my FB post showing the close-to-finished product. We inherited the desk from my mother-in-law's living room, a lovely piece made by a local furniture maker years ago.

MIL had it as a decorative piece. For me, it will be a working desk. It's not what I would have chosen taste-wise, but I'm okay with it. I needed a desk from which to write reviews and have a good Zoom background.

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Oh, I just read Debs' comments above, and I'll have to add that I've been doing a lot of book shifting and weeding, too. It's a losing battle, but I try not to admit that. I am so very late today, and I keep thinking of things I left out. Julia, I just got a new computer, an HP that I am happy with, so far. I got the new one before the old one completely gave out, so I was able to copy the material on it, and now I need to work on transferring it from the thing-a-ma-bob.

You have been SO busy,Kathy! Gazet van Antwerpen. Financial Services and Markets Authority. Channel NewsAsia. Finance Magnates - Financial and business news. Retrieved 24 April Il Post. Sky Way Invest Group. Retrieved 12 May Therefore, when you pay for the packages, you not only buy the Certificates for the SKY WAY shares, but also save on your investment education.

Khaleej Times. Retrieved 2 May In the plans for stage 14, there is the expansion of the project in the Arab Emirates and the further development of transport, energy and information technologies, the establishment of new business and partnership relations. Share the news:. Get the top project news once a week. Privacy Policy. If this is true, however, then a reference to a verified source to prove this has to be used, not a SkyWay promotion website. It has been observed that the list of companies above is unsupported by references.

The intention here is to keep a record of the current companies that are active in the SkyWay empire, with a list of verified references that confirms information about the company such as where it is registered, what it does and who works for it. The following list contains major companies and fundraisers, even those registered in offshore location and shell companies as they are all associated with the mother company.

Brief information about where the company is registered, the people who are associated with it, what its primary function is, and primarily how it is referred to in the verified references. This can be considered a work in progress. This can be seen as the mother company. It is the only SkyWay company registered in Belarus that has been documented in multiple verified references.

This company is documented as signing the pre-order contracts. In the following reference Yunitskiy's wife Nadezda Kosareva is listed as the company director: [48]. It has been documented that this company attempted to get itself certified as a scientific organization by the Belarusian Academy of Science [NAS]; this application was rejected.

Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd. Is actually a different firm that was registered in London. It was dissolved, however, on 13 October After this company was dissolved, they didn't stop selling shares. They just moved their operations to the British Virgin Islands.

The Bank of Lithuania warning issued 23 August particularly notes that the company "Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd, registered in Great Britain, was publicly offering its securities without necessary permits in Lithuania". BY verified reference: [57]. Here is one of the images they published of these company shares: [58].

This company is presently registered at the address 19 Waterfront Drive, P. You can read information about the Memorandum of Association via the following link: [59]. UniSky Corporation — another SkyWay Group shell company registered in the Seychelles — is associated with this company. Although UniSky is mentioned in the Memorandum of Association and SkyWay refer to this company all across their webistes, I can find no actual proof that it actually exists.

Having it does not actually permit the company to sell anyone securities. The last registered document was a confirmation statement registered 17 December It has been suggested that this is a shell company like other companies with a director who lives in Belarus but a post-office box in London.

It has been struck of at least twice but the company manages to get itself put back on the register. Evgenii Kudriashov is associated with SkyWay Capital. He is also the director of SkyWay Capital Inc.

In April GTI became involved in a scandal involving offshore corruption schemes. A list was released of representatives of foreign organizations presented on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. GTI was included in that list. Yunitskiy himself is documented as being evasive to avoid having to explain how or why the intellectual property of this company was transferred to this offshore company when he was questioned about it in the Belarusian courts. Evgeny Kudryashov is the company director.

Kudryashov is documented with a history in network marketing. Skyway Capital has been implicated in many of the regulatory warnings. SkyWay Capital has been documented making unrealistic claims about the value of the shares it is marketing.

The company has been repeatedly called out for selling pieces of paper that have no actual value. You should check, however, with your national financial regulatory agency to see if SkyWay Capital has published a legally-required prospectus. Also before investing in SkyWay Capital you should read the company disclaimer. You can view it here: [78].

You should note the following:. He signs documents using a company stamp with the company registration number The following document shows the supposed registration of a shareholder in Italy: [83]. I can find no proof that this company actually exists external to SkyWay promotion sites.

This company information is also included at this reference in relation to the registration of a location in the Ukraine: [84]. He nonetheless invented the technology these companies are promoting, takes money they collect and is a shareholder of these companies. The intention of this list is to collect proof that the subsidiary companies registered in foreign countries actually exist and are associated with the mother company.

The list above was criticized for not having any references; we can improve that. This heading can be considered a work in progress and can help verify the contents of the Company Infobox in the article. This company has an official registration in London and is directed by the same person involved with other SkyWay shell companies: Armands Murniecks.

But Murniecks is only the director of the company. GTI and Anatoly Yunitskiy are the major shareholders of the company as demonstrated in this documentation: [89]. It has been observed that this company has been involved with insider trading relating to non-existent U. All the local agencies were contacted in the places which would be affected by a SkyWay route.

None of them replied with information concerning any planned collaboration with SkyWay or any of its associates, neither the mother company nor 'Global Transnet UK ltd. The fact that the Russian mother company negotiated with a subsidiary who is owned by companies in the SkyWay Group, including Yunitskiy as an actual shareholder, demonstrates insider trading. They wasted no time negotiating with universities and private companies to realize imaginary SkyWay projects and encourage research all around Indonesia.

In September a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the University of Indonesia to build on campus 'sky trains'. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Jakarta in September The SkyWay Group claim on their website to have undertaken negotiations as part of the 'desa emas' golden village program to develop a project in Dasun village, Rembang district.

SkyWay claim that they signed a Memorandum of Understanding in October They self-publish an article with photos and claim that this was published by the Indonesian news portal Merdeka.

I haven't been able to find any proof that these negotiations took place and this article is not traceable to a verified news source. In February they negotiated with the Gadjah Mada University in Yogya to promote research and innovation in the field of transportation.

The Memorandum of Understanding elaborated on scholarship opportunities for the students and the director of the University was happy for the additional opportunities underprivileged students could attain. Of course, an MoU doesn't actually oblige anyone to do anything, and the director Pantun shouldn't have expected anything but disappointment.

There is no proof that a single rupiah was paid to a single student as part of any scholarship or research program. Opportunities were taken at these events to make publicity for SkyWay projects and local newspapers and news portals published information about these events to promote investment from Indonesian citiziens. These articles included commentary like the following:.

See also: Kerb Crawler. Retrieved 24 December Melody Maker. Retrieved 17 June Some of those mixes turned out to be really strange, embarrassing some of them. Archived from the original on 13 March Retrieved 6 December The Look. You must be logged in to post a review. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Aug 22,  · Skyway! - Bright Eyes Never Die! From their EP, Nauseating Suburbia

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  2. Skyway ‎ (CD, Album, RE, RM) Octave Lab: OTLCD Japan: Sell This Version: Recommendations Reviews Add Review [m] Master Release. Edit Master Release Data Correct. Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist. Marketplace For /5().
  3. Explore releases from the Skyway label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Skyway releases.
  4. 4 CDs £; 5 or more CDs £; Our ‘time to ship’ from the placing of your order is “immediate to 48 hours”, dependent only on whether you place your order on a weekday or at the weekend. We deliver anywhere in the world; usually days in the UK, days to Europe and for the USA and the rest of the world.
  5. The Skyway label was started in According to Rockin' Country Style, Skyway Records was owned by Herb Shucher. Possibly. Anyway, after , it seems that Miss L.L. (Louise Lewis) was the main force moving this label. For all unofficial releases (bootlegs, counterfeits, pirate copies) of Skyway (5).
  6. Nov 24,  · Skyway stage 3 will link the elevated highway to North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) while stage 4 will stretch from Buendia to Bulacan. SLEx phase 4 is a kilometre road from Batangas to Lucena, Quezon. _____ By Paolo G. Montecillo in Manila/Philippine Daily Inquirer.
  7. Aug 27,  · St. Panther, These Days EP Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith, Peradam Sprain, Skyway Man, The World Only Ends When You Die Songhoy Blues, Optimiste This Is The Kit, Off Off On.

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