Post Grad Sockets - Missy X - Exoterica (Cassette)

Product results. Surly Single Cog - Steel. Shimano CS-M Cassette. Endless Bike Kick Ass Cog. Rotor 12 Speed Cassette. One Kit for Every Trip. Bell's Service Advisor, Janet Gross, supervised the switchover, and at p. In an interview, Ms. Gross stressed that the new phone system would take a lot of pressure away from the operator and give greater flexibility to all calls.

Dimension allows calls to be transferred from one office to another without the use of the operator, and also permits the dialing of local calls directly - both features which the old system lacked. Gross said that "through a series of codes, offices will be able to have their calls transferred to other extensions when they are not in", a feature students should find most convenient for leaving messages.

These are but a few of the aspects Dimension offers the administration, faculty, staff and students of DVC. If you would like to know more about the system, stop by Lasker Hall and speak with Mrs. Martin or Mrs.

Gourley, our own Dimension specialists. Gourley: "Fantastic. It is new and very challenging. I look forward to learning all aspects of the system. Gourley sees is that those phones equipped with buttons cannot take full advantage of Dimension's feature, a problem that may be corrected in the future.

Nelson: "For my needs the setup we have non-button is not very convenient. Without the light-up buttons, she now plays a guessing game. Meskill: "Wonderful, it is so much more convenient and faster than the old system. Zenko: "It is easier to operate than when first inter- preted. Zenko is pleased with the system.

Now he and Mrs. Navarre have separate lines which permits calls to be handled much quicker. Donna Olsen and the old system in the waning moments. In all of the negative talk that accompanies this subject, little appreciation is ever expressed for the most widely used, all-purpose drug ever created by man, namely music. After being reminded of your insignificance by a callous society each day, what better medication can one take than music?

Be it with a powerful symphony performance or the pulsating drive of hard rock , your ego and self confidence can be pushed through the ceiling.

The ferocity and might of the music can make you feel ten feet tall. Conversely, music can be used to rid tension and anxiety. Soft, mellow tunes that make the mind feel comfortable or bring back some pleasant memory help to push worries on the back burner.

Proper song selection can help to banish any influences,of the outside world from the mind. These are but a few of the mind-altering qualities of music. Music sets a mood for any occasion. It can inspire, bring hope, fight despair. With the flip of a switch it can make the hateful romantic, or slip the lonely into a world of magic, hallucination, and fantasy.

And there are few more satisfying feelings than when we agree with a moral or a message in a song. Music, no matter what kind, takes the mind from a world where it must fight to one where it is king. Xanadu is a fast-moving film which has no real concrete plot. Olivia Newton ohn plays a muse from Greek myth- ology who helps Gene Kelly to achieve his life-long dream. Kelly stars in the film as a man who played in the big bands during the World War II era.

Michael Beck also stars in the film as the man Olivia falls in love with. Together, Olivia and Michael convince Kelly to open a dance club and thus fulfill his dream. I would recommend this movie to those of you who are tired of seeing movies that are primarily the same, but only the names seem to have changed. Xanadu is a refreshing change of pace which everyone, regardless of age, will enjoy.

Gina, better known as Friskie or even S. She is a biology major. Upon graduation, Gina expects to plan a career in veterinary research and hopes to take courses in the business field.

This is Gina's second year as a Resident Assistant. She has been assigned to Cooke Hall, first floor, for both years. She is also co-chairperson of the RA Executive Committee this year.

Gina has become a very responsible and dedicated leader along with being a successful peer advisor. She says that her junior and senior years have been worth the wait; being involved with various activities and organizations has made the difference.

As a matter of fact, she wouldn't mind staying at DVC for another four years! Gina has been a member of the A. During the fall semester of her sophomore year, she was the Inter Club Council representative for A. Gina has been a participant in Softball and floor hockey intramurals. She has also been active in the DVC Superstars competition as a team member and as an official. Gina is presently employed part-time in the dining hall. During the summer, she has been employed by Pitmann Moore as an Assistant Lab Technician in veterinary research.

She is a biology major and hopes to become involved in a water conservation profession. Her family has its own fruit farm, so she expects to work at home following graduation. Anne's interest in DVC came from her four brothers' recommendation. All four brothers are graduates of DVC. Anne was not involved in many activities during high school which makes her college career quite interesting. She never expected to be as involved as she has been at DVC. She believes that college has helped her mature.

She has found that if you want something you have to do it and find it yourself. If it would be possible, Anne would love to repeat her four years of college life. Anne is presently a member of the A. She was also a participant in floor hockey intramurals her sophomore year. Anne h presently a student representative on the Residence Lrfe Bt. She is also chairperson of the adver- tising committee for the Social House. This is Anne's first year as a Resident Assistant; she lives on Cooke, 2nd floor.

She has been very responsive to her job responsibilities and has accepted the challenge as another aspect of her college career. Anne describes herself as a lover of nature. She loves the country and hiking in order to relax from her hectic daily schedule. Gina Erdelsky '81, R. McManiman Saturday, the 27th of September, saw our Harriers travel to Moravian College for their second of seven meets this season.

Taking on visiting Widener, as well as host Moravian, the team was looking forward to a good day. Not far behind lim was freshman Ed Kuri who equalled Parsons old record of , good enough for third place. Of the top ten finishers, seven were from Del Val. Rich Weaver was the fourth man in with a time of , ten seconds behind was Chip Cowher, and four seconds behind him was Rich Weidman.

Carl Pellington was the ninth man across in He was followed by freshman John Lucas, , rounding out the top ten. Our record thus far is The team, would have been better off If they had missed the bus to Moravian. The offense stalled, the defense was ineffective, and the special teams gave a new meaning to the term "special. The offense was in reverse and the defense remained in neutral for most of the game, although they did have two interceptions and recovered three of six Moravian fumbles.

All in all, it was a tost weekend for the Aggies. A team they should have easily beaten surprised them. The Aggies lost to Muhlenberg, , on Wednesday, September 23rd, in their first game. On Saturday afternoon, Del Val hosted Widener but suffered a defeat.

The story didn't change much on Monday when Del Val took another loss against Scranton. The Aggies held tough with a score at the end of the first half. Early in the second half Scranton got their first goal.

Chris Wilson scored the Aggies' only goal of the game, which ended with a score of The Aggies go to Albright on Friday. Let's hope the bad luck stops at three and our team comes home winners. Good luck guys - we know you can do it! H Crosscountry Sat.

A Soccer Fri. A Wed. H Field Hockey Sat. H Tues. H Thurs. H Volleyball Tues. Field Hockey, with key offensive play, won Volleyball is still looking for 1, losing The time is p. Drivers are needed. The picnic is free to paid members only with a charge for guests. Bring frisbees, softballs and gloves, volleyballs, etc. Newcomers are welcome! Ag 1 , located in basement Homecoming Float, Homecoming Queen to be discussed.

Fall hours are Monday-Thursday, p. Faculty, staff and students, upon showing your ID card, will receive a discount on the purchase of half bushel quantities of apples. For more information, call extension or Apples will be available until Christmas. Shook New Library fines on overdue materials are now in effect: Books and pamphlets - 25c per day Reserved materials due at a.

Books are placed in a library so that they will be available for the use of everyone who may need them. When you return materials on time you are insuring that someone else will have an opportunity to use them. Please t e considerate of your fellow students and your pocketbook. We need your help. Anyone who is interested in helping in any way is most cordially welcome to join our staff. We need people to assist with writing, art, photography, circulation, and yes, advertising. We are also looking for a new expanded formal for the paper.

This will not be possible without a larger staff. If you were not able to help with the paper during this semester, please give strong consideration to helping during the next semester. If you are a member of a club, we need you to report on your club's activities. The general staff meetings are held every Monday at p. Any new face will be a welcomed face. Admission is free, so we hope to see you there! Informa- tion regarding the program can be obtained from Dr. Berthold for students enrolled in the Biology and Chemistry Depart- ments, Dr.

Brubaker for the Agriculture area, or from the Chairman of the Research Committee. Procedures for Senior Special Problems 1. Students in Senior Special Problems should have a minimum cumulative academic average of 2. This figure 2. Students may register for a maximum of three credits of Senior Special Problems with the approval of their Department Chairman. The original and one copy of the final draft are to be submitted to the Research Committee by the Faculty Advisor one week following the oral presentation.

The format of the final report must follow a specific and acceptable arrangement as recommended by the standard research journals in the field of the project or the Research Committee. The Research Committee will submit the original copy of the final report given to them by the Department Chair- man to the library for future reference.

There are very few people who get the opportunity to pursue their own independent research for credit as an under- graduate. The experience is invaluable — a "warm-up" and drawing card for grad schooi, and in my case, the way I developed a deeply-rooted interest in a particular field of study. This disciplined research regime was a lot of work, and many days an albatross around my neck, but the contacts I've made in higher education and research, the interest shown by grad schools, and knowing that I really did attempt to do something that no one has ever done before and even had a small measure of success!

I can't understand why only a handful of people chose to take advantage of one of DVC's best programs in '' If this note finds its way into the library copy of my paper — listen - if you are at all considering graduate studies or even just have an interest in something, do some research here — make your mistakes here and not on a real thesis.

I heard too many people say that they didn't have time. Believe me, I am living proof that you can make time. The library card which was issued to you last year will be validated and stamped with the date of your anticipated graduation. This year, your validated card will tx retained and filed at the Desk.

When you are ready to borrow materials, just present them and your DVC ID card at the Desk and your library card will be pulled for use in the transaction. Page 2 Vol. The dedication will be held at the new center located at Farm 3. The ceremony will be presided over by Larry A.

Middleton '64, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Two agricultural societies will be holding meetings follow- ing the dedication, including the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture and the Quaker City Farms Society. The meetings will include a picnic type lunch at the Isaac Stern '08 Judging Pavilion and tours of the College facilities.

The new center includes an Animal facility for produc- tion, care and management of beef cattle, a modern silo and loader, feed mill, bins for feed storage and housing for beef cattle.

Kenneth W. Gemmill has been a member of the Board of Trustees at the College since Gemmill have been interested in the College's programs for many years and in donated their entire herd of Aberdeen Angus cows, heifers, calves and bulls as well as equipment and other materials to the College. The new Center for Animal Husbandry is another ex- ample of the Gemmill's generosity and reflects their con- tinued interest in the educational programs offered by the College.

Because of the lack of people, the band did not begin to play until about or p. After a couple hours, though, there were about 70 people having a great time booging on the dance floor. The scheduled band was Sky band, but because of the illness of the lead singer, Hat Trick from Delaware was substituted. The band played a wide variety of songs - rock, country rock, middle of the road, and later in the evening they played some 50's music.

The band, although it was not terrific, was very good. Our own Mark Malic k, senior Business major, arrived seconds later and treated the crowd to a pinpoint landing on the yard line. Good show Mark! Doc is to be commended on this outstanding feat that few coaches ever experi- ence. How has he done this? Check it out in an upcoming edition!!! Doc Berthold He is all smiles now. I've been told they are for studying; however, the conditions there are not conducive for this. The walls are drab and boring; the lights are not bright enough; and the lamps are in a similar condition.

The windows are either falling out, absent, or loose and the wind blows through as if they were out. The TV's in case you're tired of studying are so bad or non-existent. Last year a TV in the Barness Lounge was broken at the beginning of the year. When this TV got smashed, it was charged to the entire dorm on the damage report at the end of the year, even though it was worn out and had no right to be there at the beginning of the year. Can anything be done about this?

Some dorms don't even have a lounge; they've been converted to rooms. True, the money might not be readily available for improvements, but if repairs were made correctly it would be an improvement in itself.

The students themselves, with some paint, could make improvements if the administration would approve. Yes, the lounges tain't what they're cracked up to be — and that's pretty bad, because no one cracks them up to be anything at all. They are in the process of renovating each lounge as money permits.

Cooke Hall lounge will be receiving new furniture by November 1st. This furniture is experimental and is designed to be more durable and should hold up under heavy use. The fact remains thai the lounges fall victim to vandalism. In their entirety, they will contain a brief history of the farm and also the farm's present usage.

Jesse Elson was stricken by a cardiac arrest during lab. Thanks to the efforts of Mark "Beencr" Houston, Dr. Elson is alive and in stable condition.

Beener was in another classroom when Dr. Elson was stricken, and quickly responded by using CPR. Beener, our hats are off to you for this! Mark has participated in football, wrest- ling and track over the last two years, with track bringing him special honors. Mark's prowess is in the meter hurdles which he cleared in Mark thought he had a good chance to win and so did Coach Joe Coradetti, who Mark says "built a good program. Hopefully, this winter will be beneficial for Mark, who wants to improve his "sUrts.

This spring should be a good track season for Del Val. Mark thinks that the help of several freshmen will strengthen the team. Danny Rupp, a high hurdler, is expected to be a member of the team, as is Ronnie Barret, who jumps great distances in the triple jump. In addition, there is a high jumper and a meter runner on the campus, whose talents will be aired this spring.

Mark hopes to get back to Nationals this year and says that there were some freshmen right behind him at the Championships who will keep him work- ing.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys playing basketball, pinball and "hanging around with jim Parsons. According to Student Government, there was supposed to be an area in Segal Hall for the commuters to vote between a. There was only one problem with that; there was no such thing in Segal Hall.

Nowhere did t see any ballots, and if there were, please tell me what corner they were hidden in. I reserve my anger, anticipating an answer. Name withheld by request by fude Carbfey The ballots were not hidden in any corner; they just never quite made it to Segal Hall. Since our Social House Represen- tative ran unopposed and we were only voting for a Social House Secretary, they felt there was no need for the ballots.

Also, no member of Student Government had time to sit In Segal Hall over lunch hour and collect ballots. This is very common - the lack of interest in commuter views. You can't really blame them for excluding us since we never take advantage of the resources we have. We commuters never make the effort to express the way we feel; we just sit in Segal Hall and complain among ourselves. If we want to become part of this school, we must make ourselves known. You have two Representatives to Student Council; use them to voice your opinions.

You can find them where else, but Segal Hall? Also you have your own column - let Commuter Corner know about your grievances as well as solutions. So come on, commuters, let's start now and try to change things around here for the better. Just imagine, you may even enjoy coming here. Editor's Note: Due to scheduling conflicts, students on Government cannot always man the polls in both Segal Hall and the Dining Hall- When elections and polls are taken and there is no one in Segal, take a few minutes and check out the Dining Hall.

Your opinions and votes are desired - so, come on and check it out! She prefers Bush because she doesn't like Anderson or Carter. Denise Emiey: Reagan, because he has better leadership qualities than Carter and Anderson is too liberal. Tickets: On sale now. See B. Each week we set aside space to be utilized for each Club's purpose, so please take advantage of the advertising space!

Robert McClelland. This is our special service to you! Russ Windle: Anderson; he won't vote for Carter or Reagan. He feels if Reagan gets in we will go to war, and Carter has screwed things up the past four years. Jean Stump: Reagan, in the hope he will die in office and Bush will become president.

Sharon Raab: Reagan or Anderson, but not Carter - hp has messed things up too much already. Douglas Hartkopf: Carter. Doesn't like Reagan's policies. He feels if Reagan is elected there will be a draft, and Reagan is too conservative.

Also, he feels Carter has done a good job. Cerinda Carboy: Don't know yet; not definite in views. Joe Kentos: Don't know. Thinks all the candidates aren't worthwhile.

For example, in Pennsylvania the students of eight col- leges shut down their campuses for a protest of the tuition increase, which was eventually defeated. Steve Glazer of the California State Student Association believes that the student voter turnout in November is largely dependent on whether the candidates offer a clearcut choice on issues such as the draft and nuclear energy. To mount a successful voter regis- tration especially for the students, an atmosphere has to be created where voting and being active is seen as beneficial and not radical.

Joe's is by far one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. It does my heart and stomach good to be able to sit down to a meal, and when I finish to be completely satisfied. I have heard only good comments from people who have eaten at Joe's. I have gone to Joe's many times before, and each time a new taste lingers in my mouth.

Joe's offers a complete menu, from entire dinners with lots of pasta; some of the best pizza in town; and seafood too. All main dinners include a freshly tossed salad, and a roll and butter. Joe's is generous with portions. All Italian and pasta specialties are served with Joe's homemade sauces. For assistance with service selection, planning and scheduling, contact a Tripp Lite Service Specialist. Contact a Tripp Lite Service Specialist. Our factory-trained technicians provide a range of services, including commissioning, maintenance and repairs, to help ensure your Tripp Lite products maintain peak performance over their entire operational life.

Thumbnail JPEG 50 x 50 pixels. Small JPEG x pixels. Medium JPEG x pixels. Large JPEG x pixels. The Cisco Compatible logo signifies that Tripp Lite's product has undergone interoperability testing by Tripp Lite together with Cisco and a third-party test house based on testing criteria set by Cisco. Tripp Lite is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product.

Cisco makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to Tripp Lite's product or its interoperation with the listed Cisco product s and disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use, or against infringement. Each convenient stack contains 50 unique cassettes. No more manual insertion one-by-one. Save time and money.

Two types of cassettes are offered in order to suit your needs: Slotted tissue cassettes and meshed biopsy cassettes. Lids are available as one-piece disposable plastic. It can be opened and closed as often as necessary and it always relocks securely without danger of specimen loss. Made of Acetal.

Molded from a special high density acetal polymer, they keep specimens safely submerged and are totally resistant to the chemical action of solvents used in histology laboratories. The efficient flow-through slots maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper reagent drainage. Available in 11 colors. Molded from a special high density acetal, they keep specimens safely submerged and are resistant to the chemical action of most solvents used in histology laboratories.

The one-piece disposable plastic cover is pre-installed on each cassette and eliminates the need for reusable steel lids. The cover can be opened and closed as often as necessary and will always relock, reducing the possibility of specimen loss.

Cassettes are packaged in stacks of Each case contains 50 stacks for a total of 2, cassettes. Molded from a special high density acetal, these tissue cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are totally resistant to the chemical action of solvents used in histology laboratories. The one-piece snap-latch and hinge-lock design prevents early separation of base and lid and allows one-hand operation.

Lids are attached in an open position for easy filling, but can be opened or closed as often as necessary and will always relock securely. The tab on the left front side makes opening easy. Lids are easily removed by pulling sideways. Each case contains 25 stacks for a total of cassettes. Molded from a special high density acetal, they keep specimens safely submerged and are totally resistant to the chemical action of solvents used in histology laboratories.

The cover does not protrude above the cassette, a great space saving feature. Each case contains 50 stacks for a total of cassettes. These cassettes will also load in those cassette labeling instruments in one simple operation. Save time and money with these convenient stacks of 40 cassettes.

Just load the cassette sleeve in the magazine and you are ready for printing. These specially designed cassettes differ by the special hinge that holds the base and cover together.

This hinge allows the Swingsette to be opened and closed as often as necessary. The Micromesh offers square openings 0. Large anterior and posterior slots in both cassette and cover ensure that the Micromesh Biopsy Cassette will sink rapidly. A large square compartment with a side measuring 27 mm is perfect, even for needle biopsies. Molded from a special high density polymer, these patented cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are totally resistant to the chemical action of histological solvents.

The Micromesh mesh ensures efficient fluid exchange and drainage. They can be opened and closed as often as necessary and they always relock securely without danger of specimen loss. Made from Acetal-Polymer. Comes complete with a one piece integral lid. It is specially designed to hold large specimens during the embedding process, as well as in a storage cabinet.

Inside measurements: 29 mm L x 25 mm W x 11 mm D. Made from PVC with excellent thermal exchange. Specially designed for the Macro-Cassette above.

Mar 25,  · To go bigger than a 36t cog on a ten speed cassette, you are gonn have to do one of the "add a cog" conversions. Wolftooth One Up Hope There might be some obscure companies like Praxis and such that make a complete cassette, but most people just do the conversion.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Exoterica on Discogs. Label: Slampt - SLAMPT? • Format: Cassette • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk. Missy X ‎– Exoterica Label: Slampt ‎– SLAMPT? Punk. Tracklist Hide Credits. A1: Post Grad Sockets: A2: Warm Leatherette Written-By – Daniel Miller: A3: Mr JC.
  2. ZZ Top Eliminator Afterburner, Bad Company Co, Bob Seger Cassette Tape Lot x 5. $ or Best Offer. FAST 'N FREE. Watch. ZZ Top Eliminator CASSETTE Tape Warner Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill OOP! $ $ shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. STYX Man .
  3. Gene Cassette. Gene cassettes consist of a coding sequence, usually without promoter sequences, followed by an integrase-specific recombination site, and either can exist in a nonfunctional circularized form or are expressed as part of an integron or transposon.
  4. Below you'll find a list of all items that have been categorized as “MPO Cassettes” Showing 1–12 of 28 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low.
  5. Mar 30,  · Hi, according to your QSFP 40Gb to 4 x 10Gb SFP+ breakout application, QSFP 40Gb MPO LR4 nm transceiver + MTP® Type B trunk cable # + MTP®-8 cassette # + LC patch cord # + 4 x 10Gb SFP+ nm transceivers is recommended for you to connect your core switch to access switch. For more information, welcome to contact [email protected] /5.
  6. Run sizes starting at units with a rainbow's chest worth of fun shell and ink colors, ferric and chrome tape choices and print packaging.
  7. Nov 11,  · First announced in by dutch company Philips, the compact cassette tape was magnetic tape perfected. It was smaller and easier to use than reel-to .

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