Pagan Love Song - The Orchestra And Chorus Of Billy Ward* - Pagan Love Song (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Music brings joy to laughter. From the inspiration of singers and musicians. They created a lively atmosphere. Alfred Publishing Co. Singin' In the Rain Gene Kelly. View All. Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. Toggle navigation. Although not specified, the main dance scenes may have included his dancers. A few years before, he got the idea of adding flames to the ends of a twirling baton not knife , and created a sensation.

A young Rita Moreno provides a much more authentic-appearing Tahitian although actually of Puerto Rican heritage than Esther. If I were Hap, I would have set my sights on her. Rita usually played subsidiary ethnic women, and still performs today, 65 years later! Unfortunately, her one song in this film was cut. In fact, Howard had already done, on stage, Gordon's later two most famous film roles, in "Carousel" and "Oklahoma", before scoring a big success in his first MGM musical "Anne Get your Gun", released earlier in ' The present film was obviously a lower budget offering, without clear cut hit songs intended.

Of course, he would go on to star in a string of popular musicals, with various top bona fide singing actresses as his leading lady. He would again costar with Esther the following year in the musical comedy "Texas Carnival", but they had to share the spotlight with Red Skelton, Anne Miller , and Keenan Wynn. Their final film as the costars was, the quite different, "Jupiter's Delight". This film is essentially a color remake of the very early talky "The Pagan", with a rather similar screen play, and which was actually largely filmed in Tahiti.

The title and theme song of the present film are derived from the theme song for that film, composed by the productive team of Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed, who also came out with the famous "Singing in the Rain" that year. However, "The Pagan", was not otherwise a musical, whereas the present film is a light musical.

The other tunes were newly composed by veteran tunesmith Harry Warren, with Arthur Freed again doing the lyrics. Warren composed most of the songs for a number of MGM musicals in the late '40s and early '50s, after having done the same at Fox studios during their string of musical hits during the early '40s. Incidentally, the word 'pagan' here obvious connotes an exotic primitive culture and mindset, rather than a strict religious meaning.

In fact, it is derived from the Latin 'paganus', meaning rustic or primitive people. Christianity first took hold mostly in the larger cities of the late Roman Empire. Thus, the generally more recalcitrant empire paganus population was,for a time, symbolic of the old non-Christian beliefs and practices.

So-so musical with Howard Keel as an American coming to Tahiti to run a plantation he inherited. There he meets and immediately falls for a biracial Tahitian, played by Esther Williams. About as flimsy as they come, how much this entertains you will depend on how big a fan you are of the two stars. Keel sings a few decent songs and Esther has some nice swimming scenes. Both are great in their areas of expertise but their chemistry is nonexistent, so the romance aspect of the story falls flat.

This was a troubled production that included a broken arm for Keel and a near-drowning incident for Esther. It also went way over budget and Esther found out she was pregnant during filming. The parts of the movie that were shot on location were shot in Hawaii, not Tahiti. The attractive scenery is certainly a plus, as is the short runtime.

It's ultimately nothing special but if you enjoy handsome Keel's voice or beautiful Esther's swimming, you'll want to see it at least once. But be forewarned all that fake laughter gets old after awhile. As Tahiti inhabitant Esther Williams is getting restless to go, former schoolteacher Howard Keel has arrived at the island to live at the plantation he has inherited.

But when he gets there, he sees it's no plantation. Through an assumption and mix-up, he tries to hire Esther to be his housekeeper, but Rita Moreno and her man are the hired help instead. Esther's repertoire and therefore has no lulls, being full of colorful dances, moody songs and the beautiful Tahitian waters.

Of course, they form an animosity at one point. Will they make up? If this film doesn't make you feel like you're on a deserted island, in the middle of a heat wave and jumping in the ocean, even when you're in deep-freeze winter days when watching this, nothing will. A more romantic, exotic, and soothing film experience you will not find.

A must-see film for Esther Williams fans! The most minor of Arthur Freed's minor MGM musicals, and one suspects he took it on because it showcased his rather pedestrian lyrics. It's a Tahitian treat, by present-day standards astonishingly racist, with the happy, stupid natives bowing and doing the bidding of Howard Keel, an Ohio teacher who has inherited a dilapidated tropical estate, and Esther Williams, who keeps saying she's through-and-through Tahitian and has dusky makeup to back it up, but comes equipped with a Nebraska accent and seems incapable of playing anything but American.

About the most dramatic thing that happens is it rains, and Keel and Williams squabble and make up, while a very young Rita Moreno schemes to get them back together. This is too chintzy for me. Spare me! Anyway, Billy Ward teaches his girl in a ukulele-boosted, rather minimal arrangement.

A piano is included, the strings are thinned out in this upper midtempo critter and surprise with a sugar-sweet pizzicato dessert, but that is about it. Pagan Love Song is an exotic Pop album whose big budget is audible throughout each composition. And with that previous sentence, I have already implicitly mentioned the glaring flaw, the only stale aftertaste found on this album, even though it is only of importance to diehard fans of Billy Ward, I presume: the addition of one too many leads.

Yes indeed, the more vocals and singers a vintage album features, the higher its budget is, and the better it can take a stand against the Easy Listening competition and all the hastily produced patchwork records of Hapa Haole tunes, played by session musicians in one single take in order to make room for the next LP to be recorded.

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Pagan Love Song is a American romantic musical film released by MGM and starring Esther Williams and Howard Keel. Set in Tahiti, it was based on the novel Tahiti Landfall by William S. Stone. Plot. Mimi Bennett lives with her wealthy aunt Kate on the South Pacific isle of.

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about The Orchestra & Chorus Of Billy Ward* - Pagan Love Song at Discogs. Complete your The Orchestra & Chorus Of Billy Ward /5(9).
  2. Sep 21,  · Billy Ward Pagan Love Song Pagan Love Song is a vocal Exotica album of 12 tracks presented and sung by William E. Ward aka Billy Ward (–), released in on the New York-based label Liberty Records and featuring an orchestra with a choir. This first sentence could already give you a convenient overview of the album’s production values; except that it is not true.
  3. Dec 29,  · Directed by Robert Alton. With Esther Williams, Howard Keel, Minna Gombell, Charles Mauu. A man from Ohio inherits a coconut plantation and falls in love with a half-American, half-Tahitian beauty. Song-and-swim musical ensues in the tropical paradise/10().
  4. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Pagan Love Song - Billy Ward & the Dominoes on AllMusic - /
  5. PAGAN LOVE SONG From the film "The Pagan" () (Nacio Herb Brown / Arthur Freed) Ramon Navarro (Film Soundtrack) - Bob Haring & The Copley Plaza Orch. - Nat Shilkret & The Troubadours Orch. (vocal: Frank Munn) - Ben Selvin & The Columbians - Annette Hanshaw - Bob Crosby & His Orch. - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orch. - The Andrews Sisters .
  6. Jan 11,  · "Pagan Love Song" () Victor Salon Orchestra Conducted by Nat Shilkret From the Part-Talking Picture: "The Pagan" Victor Orthophonic This unusual Victor Salon Orchestra recording features.
  7. 🌹 I do not own the song or the picture 🌹 Song: Beltane by An Danzza Lyrics: The campfires light up The flowery hills in the horizon Heat, sweat and laughs un.
  8. - Harmony Records H PAGAN LOVE SONG From the film "The Pagan" (Nacio Herb Brown / Arthur Freed) Where the golden sunbeams And the lazy land.

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