Long Hair Soulful - Gap Mangione - Sing Along Junk (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Happy To Be Here 3. One Finger, One Thumb 4. The Gospel. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.

New Arrivals Echano 2. Chase The Clouds Away 3. Once Upon A Fantasy … 2. Belle Vista 3. The Poet 2. The Dancer 3. The Feelers 2. Hummingbird 2. Eastern Reach 2. Newborn 3. Alhambra 2. Aftermath 3. Final Ascent 4. Brighter Day 2. Big R 3. A must. Maybe a little bit anachronistic then, but today a real killer for all lovers of the genre. Guitar player 'Peter Riden', was the main creative force in the band, although on both albums the songwriting and music credits are shared around the band.

CD comes with comprehensive fully colored booklet with linernotes and lyrics. Hard to believe, but recording date was in Unbelievable and Amazing! The band had refined their musical abilities and created a monster. Great melodies, flaming guitar tunes excellent organ and keyboard work and absolutely great vocals all over show Concept at its best. Comprehensive booklet with all lyrics.

Absolutely high recommended! Orange Wedge was established around in Baltimore, Maryland. Krixer came up with the name Orange Wedge. The rock band began playing many teen centers, and school dances. After a brief illness and hospital stay in early Coulson rejoined the band. They began playing on regular basis quickly becoming one of the top hard rock bands in Baltimore. Zang and Krixer left the group in and joined Black Foot Smoke. He is still active in the music business.

The group that created the records existed between and When the group decided to do there own music, guitarist Joe Farace ex-Fabulous Monarchs, Cabbage brought his basic ideas to the group.

Coulson was responsible for the lyrics. The entire band created the arrangements. The first record entitled 'Wedge' was recorded and mixed in Baltimore at Flite Three Studios in Five hundred copies were made which were distributed a few local stores, and several labels for a possible deal. The remaining records were sold out at shows when the group performed. In Burgess left the band becoming a member of Patch. This time a thousand copies were pressed and distributed in the same way.

The group performed the songs live at their shows. They were also heard on the local rock radio station. The group was never offered a contract for either release. In Joe Farace left the band. Coulson and Rizzo continued the group which finally called it a day in late Joe Farace is still performing in Baltimore with his group 'Bottle of Blues'. Joe Farace, February Peter Thorup, born on 14th Dec. From the early ies until just before his death 3rd August he played with numerous international and also with well-known Danish musicians.

Without making the claim to be complete, here is a list of the most important stages of his remarkable career that was tragically wrecked by alcohol. As far as we know his first recording was the single 'I'm wild about you' by The Blackpools, published in In he joined The Beefeaters, whose musical style then turned towards blues-rock.

In he started working with Alexis Korner during a tour of Scandinavia, where The Beefeaters not only appeared as Korner's supporting act, but presented their own material, too. Oddly enough, having learnt to play the piano as a child, he eventually graduated from the conservatory in Stuttgart with a major in 'trumpet'.

For the first time on CD this album of German flute and sax player Ralf Nowy, originally released in on Global Indeed Paul Vincent and Keith Forsey are responsible for a great psychedelic rock feeling. Nowy himself and Al Gromer give the album an ethnic message.

Digitally remastered from original master tape, CD shows a brilliant sound. It comes with band story, photos etc. Another forgotten pearl from the vaults of radio station SWF, Germany. When he heard Keith Emerson for the first time he changed his instrument and played organ with great enthusiasm.

Nearly 12minutes epic 'Lapis' and 11 minutes adaption of Beethovens 9th show what for Cannabis India music was all about. CD comes with 2 bonus tracks from follow-up band Universe. Digitally remastered from original master tapes and bandstory.

Don't miss it! On Haboob Jackson effects-laden organ and mellotron here called 'choir-organ are quite prominent. LP is comprised of a free improvisation, a very Hendrix-inspired Blues and some pretty straight forward funk-rock pieces. The music has a lot of appeal and those who are interested in a fusion of Euro-psychedelic rock with hints of funk should definitely seek this one out. Digitally remastered from original mastertapes and with bandstory.

No progressive rock music fan should be misled by the album title 'Jazz macht Spazz', a bowdlerization of 'jazz makes fun', this is progressive jazz-rock at its best. Hard to believe, that Puppenhaus never recorded an album. Digitally remastered from original master tapes. CD comes with comprehensive booklet, band story by the musicians, many photos and especially with a wonderful cover based on a painting by drummer Bea Maier.

Mammut played in an impressive and comvincing manner their conception of an psychedelic rock opera. For that each title includes the name Mammut. The opening track 'Bird Mammut' is a groovy, percussive, crazy psychedelic affair featuring an avalanche of drums, trippy organs, bluesy e-guitar and wistfull flute passages.

Perhaps parts of the first Embryo album are comparable to this. Altough the band themselves quoted Deep Purple in Rock as a major influence, their spirit was purely krautrock. Their sole album is a legendary rarity. CD comes with 1 Bonus Track, comprehensive booklet, digitally remastered.

A Classic! The opening track "Bird Mammut" is a groovy, percussive, crazy psychedelic affair featuring an avalanche of drums, trippy organs, bluesy e-guitar and wistfull flute passages. LP comes with 1 Bonus Track, comprehensive booklet, digitally remastered.

Great lost band from Frankfurt, Germany. The other two long tracks 'I Wish' 9 minutes and 'Friendship or Love' 11 minutes also show throughout fantastic guitar and organ work as you know it from 'Nosferatu' album. Unbelievable that Papa Zoot Band never made an album. This concert, which had the same playlist as their performance on German Pop Meeting , proved again, that their music never lost its magic. This great performance was taped from the soundboard and has a superb sound quality.

As bonus tracks there are two cover versions of great Eric Burdon song 'When I was Young' in a 9 minutes psychedelic version and the classic 'Tobacco Road' with former bandleader and great singer Ernst Nadler nickname: Papa Zoot who left Papa Zoot Band in early CD comes with comprehensive booklet, photos from their performance at the German Pop Meeting, a.

Digitally remastered. Secret tip and a must have for all lovers of the genre. Great first album of near Nuremberg Bavaria, Germany based band re-released on vinyl for the first time. With sax- and flute player Klaus Kreuzeder he found, after a lot of changing line-ups, a congenial partner to create a sound not only in the tradition of Bavaria jazz-rock oriented bands like Embryo, Out of Focus, Missus Beastly etc.

Humanum Est presented a most proficient instrumental band with a strong identity with multi-tracked guitar-riffing and near ever-present wind solos, a real classic of the genre. Long tracks like 'Papa Doing', Demmerawang' 'Hodibbel' or 'Sechs-Achtel' give an idea what the musicians were able too. While there live-performances - they toured near all the time - they often played hour long versions of their classics to their enthusiastic affiliates comparable to KRAAN.

A must have. Second album of this great German band for the first time re-released on vinyl. The line-up had a little bit changed.

Drummer Wolfgang Teske was replaced by Lucky Schmidt of Wind fame and due to the addition of violin player Christoph Krieger the sound was a touch more varied but mostly in the vein of 'Humanum Est'. Again great melodies, driving rhythms and lots of space for solos from guitar, sax and flute and in addition from violin.

Long tracks like their classics 'Mechelwind' and 'Elephen Elephants' show the bands' impressive ability to create atmosphere, passion and force.

Absolutely great stuff. Remastered from the original tape, Comes with 4 p. From the vaults of radio station SWF today SWR and previously unreleased, this fantastic group with a rather unusual instrumentation flutes, bass, drums blow your ears away. They played music you probably haven't heard before. Call it Free rock, living new jazz or just extremely good music, this trio is far out of any limitations. The music of the Dieter Bihlmaier Selection possesses genuine power, where explosive eruptions alternate with lyric moments.

On repeated listening the music develops an irresistible pull that we wish to share with all lovers of 'good music'. These recordings are without any doubt not only of high musical value, they are also an absolute rarity, since unlike the two albums of the Dieter Bihlmaier Selection, they were recorded just in the trio formation flute, bass and drums and without the participation of the vibraphone player.

CD comes with full coloured 12 pages booklet including band history and a lot of photos. Digitally remastered from the original master tape. If you want to listen to more At that time the STUD members had said 'farewell' to their English record label Decca and spent most of their time on the Continent, mainly in Germany where they were rather successful. During their tour they were invited by radio station SWF to play a recording session at radio stations main studio U1 in Baden-Baden.

There were two sessions that took place in April and Mai STUD recorded titles from their first and second album but varied the material to give the recordings a special claim. From hard rocking 'Good Things', to fourteen minutes epic title 'Horizon' and shining ballad 'Make Me High' these recordings are an impressive prove of the bands musical bandwidth and the bandmembers' excellent technical skills.

CD comes with band story. Digitally remastered from the original tape. For the first time on CD. Don't miss it. This is a real German Krautrock classic album. The poetic and complexly crafted songs of the album were filled with extensive instrumentals and unusual diversions. CD comes with comprehensive booklet with a lot of unseen rare photos and band history. Highlight of Longhair releases! This double CD 1. The Mechelwind Suite is divided into 5 parts and is rather different from the later album-version, not only because of Steve Robinson's excellent keyboard playing but also because of Muck Groh's fine guitar playing and Klaus Kreuzeder's pleasant sax tunes.

Highlights are the minutes-version of 'Hodibbel' and minutes-version of 'Papa Doing'. The recordings show AERA at their very best during their first decade. Both CDs are digital remastered from the original tapes. Double CD comes with comprehensive booklet with a lot of unseen photos and band history told by founder-member Steve Robinson. Besides the releases of recordings of the golden age of progressive-, kraut- and psychedelic rock from the end of 60ies to the end of the 70ies Long Hair decides currently also to release recordings of young bands creating corresponding sounds of today.

The album was recorded during the summer of The four young musicians' complex and demanding work consists of only two compositions while coming up with more than 45 minutes of material. The listener will get confronted with quite a depth of ideas, with dynamics ranging from clear and catchy parts as well as others appearing almost intangible.

Once engaged with lunatic and floating changes in harmony, rhythm and time signature you'll find yourself recompensed with an exciting journey to a wondrous place where forgotten myths and alchemical chants mix up with surreal worlds between dream and nightmare and which is barely escapable - a subconsciously existent land where the sun rises with its own set and where time has seemingly halted. These two long tracks are really outstanding. This is music, you hardly haven't heard before. The musicians play perfect and the production is brilliant.

Booklet contains the worth reading lyrics. Long Hair is very proud to present this young band and their great first album. Missing this album is outrageous. Limited edition. He had enjoyed his first taste of success in the region, and in Faction won the "Nuremberg Beat Band City Championship".

They passed for Erlangen's best band and were the recognized local heroes. In they got themselves into a so called East-Asia tour, which turned out to be a six-months troop-entertainment with two shows daily at the very frontline in the Vietnam war.

In the end they were cheated out of their pay and even had to hawk their instruments and the equipment to pay for the flight back to Germany. This washout made a new start and the future quite difficult financially, and fighting for survival became their daily bread.

In spite of the Vietnam fiasco the band didn't give up. They contacted several record companies about a contract. Miller International with their cheap label "Europa" snapped at the chance. The band's pay was a flat fee of 5, DM approx. They changed their name into "Chromosom", and soon after singer Franz Seeberger left the band. In , after a concert with his new band "Flying Carpet", they asked Steve Leistner to join them as lead singer and professional musician.

The temptation to make his first own record was too great to resist for a young lad of only He was not only a strong voiced singer and front man, but had a creative mind and contributed considerably to the band's acquiring an independent profile and repertoire in next to no time.

After the first rehearsals everybody knew that things were really getting going with this line-up. The chemistry was right and they agreed that they wanted to play own compositions only. On stage they intended to "roll up their sleeves" and give everything. In spite of self-made amplifiers and equipment, instruments that were pawned in parts, without an own sound technician they mixed the sound themselves from on stage , they wanted to "blow" away any obstacle that got in the way to their "international breakthrough".

This marked the birth of the new group and the new name "WIND". Originally released on small label 'Aronda' in Dzyan's eponymous 1st Album was their most rock oriented one. Vinyl Version comes with original cover replica and insert with band story and rare and still unseen photos.

Limited Edition of Dzyan recorded 3 albums between and Each album they released was quiet different. After the release of the first album the line-up changed and Eddy Marron was the new guitarist. The SWF-session reminds a lot to their first album. These radio studio recordings are even more rock oriented then the first album recordings. There are five titles. ZAZ has a great ethnic feel produced by fine Zaz Turkish stringed instrument also played by Eddy Marron and oriented rock rhythm patterns.

Finally 'Resurrection' was part of a one hour suite, Dzyan sadly never recorded. This recordings are among the best ever recordings at the SWF session studio. Remastered from the original master tape. Vinyl version has an insert with a cover painting by Helmut Wenske never used before on a cover , band story, photos. A definitely must have!

This fairly competent outfit recorded the radio sessions before they released their famous and very rare album 'First Key' in on label 'Spiegelei'. Sadly bandleader and organ-player Thomas Molin passed away in the 90ies but bass-player Andreas Gross tells the band story in a very vivid and funny way. Sound is perfect; remastered from the original tape. Don't miss this superb item. Originally released in on famous German label Bacillus, Dzyan's 2nd album 'Time Machine' showed a 'new' Dzyan line-up consisting of guitar player Eddy Marron also playing a lot of other string instruments , bass genius, band founder and 'mastermind' Reinhard Karwatky and drummer Peter Giger.

Produced by Peter Hauke and recorded and mixed by great engineer Dieter Dierks the trio performed on Time Machine a new sound mutating away from vocal-prog-rock of the first album to explore further jazz and ethnic tonalities with far more space-out and exotic improvisations to an unusual hybrid of acid-rock with serious jazz chops approaching 'Mahavishnuland'.

Time Machine offers virtuous and unorthodox musicianship with a high and very own esthetic quality. Existing in a no-man's land between jazz and rock, and as a pre-cursor to the post-rock crowd of the '90s, Time Machine was well ahead of its time.

A highlight in German rock history. Don't miss this first vinyl reissue transferred from original mastertape with 4 pages insert, band history, unseen photos et.

Dzyan refined their sound even further into improvisation and exotic sounds, mixed with weird experimentations and mysticism. Multi-instrumentalists Marron and Karwatky experimented with sitar, saz, tambura, mellotron, synthesizers, bass-violin, and a mysterious invented instrument called 'super-string', all merged in an extreme melting pot of styles, ideas and fertile imagination, interacting into a 'psychedelic worldgroove'; while Giger, bursting with creative power and virtuosity, holds it together with his fantastic drumming.

From the weird opium-den trancesoundtrack of 'Khali' to the more funky 'For Earthly Thinking', to the even wilder tracks like 'The Road Not Taken', Dzyan crafted one of the finest and most unique works of the Krautrock era. Don't miss this first vinyl-reissue transferred from original mastertape with 4 pages insert, band history, unseen photos et. Originally released in Nosferatu's sole album is a true highlight of the early Krautrock-era. The six musicians a.

Some regard it as one of the best heavy progressive records to be made in Germany. With great guitar and organ playing and highly talented flute and sax playing, the album is an outstanding release of the first wave of the German progressive rock. Sadly Nosferatu never recorded a second album. This reissue is not only an exact reproduction of the original album, but also contains a fully detailed insert with band story by singer Mick Thierfelder and a lot of still unseen photos.

The recordings are remastered from the original master tape. Don't miss this limited edition. This is another truly gem from the SWF broadcast vaults recorded in Album and drummer Walter Helbig also played with Nine Days Wonder and AERA played a powerful progressive music sound sometimes with a certain sense of drama, melted classical influences with blues-rock and slightly jazzy hints.

All titles are self-penned and prove the musicians high level abilities playing their instruments and there are only organ and drums. Believe us, you don't miss any other instruments! This is a very complete sound by perfect trained musicians. All titles were remastered from original master tapes.

Booklet contains band history with a lot of photos. Don't miss this limited edition! Guitars all over, played with incredible power, heavenly melodies, terrific hook lines, pure strength, alive and kicking, lovely vocals, emotional violin interludes, superb flute and sax playing, all held together by a perfect playing rhythm section. Booklet cover is based on an painting by Muck Groh. Longhair is very proud to present this great album!

The idea of the concert was to open the church for contemporary music and to give the musicians the chance to interpret the Roman Catholic liturgy, the 'Holy Mass', with their music. Aera went a long with the five components of the holy mass and played two titles of their up coming album 'Humanum Est' and another three titles that were not included on any album.

The titles presented during the second part of the concert were earlier versions of titles that were later released on the album 'Hand und Fuss'. Aera played more than 75 minutes. All titles were digitally remastered from original master tape. Booklets contains story and a review of the concert and rare photos. LVolume 2 of the Bavarian broadcast series present further recordings of Area, for once from the period Five live tracks from 2 concerts and four tracks recorded in Bavarian Broadcast Corporation owned studio 'Franken' 'at Nuremberg'.

Aera played a lively jazz-rock dominated by soloist and sax and flute player Klaus Kreuzeder, based on powerful and clever keyboard playing all held together by amazing bass player Matz Steinke and drummer Lutz Oldemeier of Missus Beastly-fame and lots of percussions.

Aera were in a very good shape and gave their best. All titles were digitally remastered from the original tapes. Booklets contains the history of the recordings and rare photos. All these influences led them to something new and unique. Lead guitarist Felix Topitsch plays with remarkable virtuosity, power and is 'specialized' in creating superb melodies, the ever- present amazing bass lines from bass player Martin Prasche are a full attack on all senses and drummer Adrian Schein holds it together with his excellent drumming.

The album starts with 'Quatorze', a ten minutes long impressive piece of sound, which starts with soft tuneful guitar chords and sensitive vocals, soon followed by a heavy guitar riff and a drastic chorus and ends in a dramatical ' Grand Finale'.

This first climax of the album is followed by heavy blues title 'Alter Ego', that shows the bluesier side of Cliffsight. The album closes with 20 minutes opus 'Blue Grandma Sun', a real killer suite, which provokes just one reaction, you want to hear it once more. This album is a drug, but a healthy one!

A terrific debut album!!! A must have! The album's four titles were recorded by top recording engineer Dieter Dirks in his studio in Cologne. It turned out exceptional, both with regard to music and to artistic form: the music highly complex, with surprising arrangements, ranging from rough guitar riffs to the feel-good sound of acoustic guitar, unisonal baubles of guitar and saxophone, weird and harmonic songs, sudden changes of tempi - the album features such a multitude of facets that multiple hearings are required to appreciate them all, and they certainly make for entertaining listening.

A musical fireworks display bubbling over with ideas that need not shun international comparison. From the artistic point of view the band had also come up with quite something. The first edition was released in a cover made of green foam, quite extraordinary and rather pricey, so the later editions featured the 'fish cover' created by Hipgnosis for the English release. This reissue is an exact production of the original first edition af the album with a cover made of green foam and double gatefold sleeve.

Remastered from the original master tape the sound is brilliant. Album comes with a 4-pages insert, which contains not only the first part of the band history the latter will follow with Nine Days Wonder albums II - IV but also rare and unseen photos and of course the 'fish-cover' of the second edition of the albums release. This is a real gem for all the lovers of the genre. After 10 years of existing Long Hair celebrates its anniversary with this special limited edition.

Thanks to everyone who supported us! For Example is an another band from the SWF-broadcast vaults, with their recording they did in The band, founded in the late sixties, consisted of students of various study fields. At first they played pieces of their favourite bands 'Chicago' and Blood, Sweat and Tears', but their repertoire also comprised soul numbers with horn sections. Step by step they added self composed titles and found their own music style, still influenced by their favourites.

Still unsigned they were invited to the legendary 2nd German Rock Festival on Burg Herzberg in summer , where all leading German groups, from 'Frumpy' to 'Guru Guru' got together and the big audience were impressed by For Example.

A demo tape had been produced at the Jankowski Studio in Stuttgart, but after a change of the management, CBS was not further interested to release the recordings. That's why the band called these titles 'Cancelled'. The SWF broadcast invited them in to do a recording session of 4 titles. This is the chance to listen to a long forgotten band. CD comes with comprehensive booklet, band history and photos.

This is the first officially reissue of the 2nd album of legendary German Krautrockband Nine Days Wonder. After falling apart during their 1. British tour Nine Days Wonder called it a day in and bandleader Walter Seyffer had to search for a new band. He soon met up with also Mannheim based Michael Bundt's group Medusa, who agreed to join up and became a new incarnation of Nine days wonder.

In comparison with extraordinary 1. Without the jazzy elements of the 1. Hard to describe this highly gifted mixture: a tuneful, powerful, excellent German Krautrock document of sound!

Album comes with exact reproduction of original artwork, continuing band story and rare photos insert. Originally released in on well known German Bacillus Label and for the first time legally reissued on vinyl, the sole album by Frankfurt based band Haze is a typical one of the Bacillus Records sound.

Bacillus deemed them as important, in that they presented the LP in a unique cover -an LP size transparancy slide in the style used by Agfa. The extraordinary artwork sleeve was designed by Walter Seyffer of Nine days wonder fame. League "Hey Conductor" Shocking Blue "Send Me a Postcard" New Generation "Digger" Fox "Secondhand Love" Brass Tacks - "Maxwell Ferguson" 2. Rokes - "When the Wind Arises" 5. Lucas Tyson - "Daylight Child" Hopscotch - "Look at the Lights Go Up" The Truth - "Sueno" Tangerine Peel - "Trapped" Strange Fox - "Time and Tide" The Mint - "Luv" Orange Machine - "Dr.

Crippen's Waiting Room" Beatstalkers - "Sugar Chocolate Machine" Mindbenders - "My New Day and Age" Les Baroques - "Love Is the Sun" Terry Reid - "Fires Alive" Magnet - "Mr. Do You Dream? How Do You Feel? Teacher Of Electricity -- Old-Gold 5. Second Fiddle -- Gnomes Of Zurich 9. Foggy Tuesday -- Saker Lights -- Kim Fowley Radio City -- The Loot Spare A Shilling -- The Bunch Anyone There -- The Montanas Friday I'm Free -- Groep Meditation -- Chris McClure Follow Me -- Fruit Machine City Life -- The Gibsons Theodore -- The Silver Eagle Look At Me -- The Nocturnes Top Ten in the winter of ' As their follow up single Nobody Knows failed to chart at all, Keith quit in the spring of '68 with Raymond and Olsson sharing the vocal spot.

After their album, Currency, the group went their seperate ways. Everything I Am 2. Wake Me Up 3. Never My Love 4. Genevieve 5. So Much Older Now 7. Grundy 8. Take Me Back 9. I Want You It's A Good Thing Strawberry Fields Forever Nobody Knows It Thursday, May 10, Cottonwood - Camaraderie The music reflects the sleeve: bearded men running in the fields or meditating by the sea.

It may sound quite naive and dated now. Rowles would later back Flo and Eddie and in join Richard Torrance and Eureka, an interesting Californian rock group lovers of West Coast guitars may check their two albums on Shelter. Stephane Rebeschini Cottonwood - Camaraderie This wonderful self-titled set is a pretty deep left turn from her other material that we've been lucky enough to get our hands on -- this one really goes deeper into the trippier elements that pepper her work -- with deep, thumping bass lines, groovy organ washes and some strings!

Groovy, groovy work and more than lives up to the World Psychedelia tag! Apologies for our lack of song titles -- all notes are Korean! Sunday, May 06, Thanks RockAnthology! RockAnthology wrote: Hi!

Just wanted to say hello to you and to tell you that at my blog I posted Volume 4 My Tribute To Blogs and it was your turn now. Thanx for great music you post. Friday, May 04, A. This is a stunning set of African-inspired jazzy percussion tracks -- similar to some of the work done by Art Blakey on his Orgy In Rhythm albums, but with a lot better horn work, and with an overall conception that's much more unified!

AK Salim did some sleepier work for Savoy in the 50s -- but by the time of this recording, he was emerging as a progressive composer with a strong talent for bringing together disparate moods and styles. This rare recording was one of his best works ever, and it's one of the most unusual sides cut by Prestige in the 60s.

Tracks are very long -- and the reed work of Lateef and Patrick makes the set especially worthwhile for jazz listeners. Recently discovered Christian hippie s folkrock LP with a nice, loose vibe. Sound is typical for the style, rooted in a melodic CSNY sensibility, recalling Stills' melancholic moves in particular.

I also catch an Eastcoasty "Big Pink" vibe here and there. Opening track is deceptively soft and poppy, after which the LP gradually increases its depth, ending up with some truly great numbers that rate alongside the best of the genre.

Vocals are not remarkable but fit the overall reflective mood well, while the band plays loose sometimes very loose and laidback, with a bass unusually high in the mix for added groove. There was also a 45 from the band. It's also been reissued on CD. Wednesday, April 11, Handgjort - Handgjort Lots of hand drums and long hair. Hippie as hell, but decidedly non-stinky. Kerala 2.

Over the hill 3. Jamil 4. Scotland the Brave 5. Ferry to Panjim 6. Worlds on fire 7. Farmer Jack 8. Colombo 9. Bushat Handgjort - Handgjort Tuesday, April 03, Arica - Heaven Sunday, March 18, Osibisa - Osibisa Osibisa - Osibisa First album from Ghanian rock collective, fusing the 'criss cross rhythms that explode with happiness' the translation of the band's name of their native highlife music with acid guitar, prog sensibilities and jazz improvisation.

The nucleus of the band was from Ghana, others, like the unbelievable guitarist Wendell Richardson, came from Antigua; the bass player who was simply known as Spartacus I'm Spartacus! However, what they all had in common was great musical rhythm, enthusiasm, and ability. In Ghanaian 'Osibisa' means 'criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness'. Now, how one word can say all that I do not know, but that is exactly how the music sounds, and they are the very words that introduce the first song on this, Osibisa's first, album aptly titled "Dawn".

Like a breath of fresh air, Osibisa's music first came to prominence with the release of their first single "Music for Gong Gong'', included here on their first album, which was released at the tail end of It is a piece of music that will get even the most conservative of souls out boogieing on the dance floor. Laughter In The Rain. Little Lady' Little Man. Hill Where The Lord Hides. Legacy Main Theme. The End. Groupie Superstar. Pond With Swans.

Long Hair Soulful. Pina Colada. Theme From "The Burglars". Sing Along Junk. It's Gonna Take Some Time. Diana In The Autumn Wind. Watch What Happens. Cantaloupe Island.

Gap Mangione - Sing Along Junk So I have been archiving all of the Gap Mangione albums that were never released digitally (CD or otherwise) and will be mentioning some of these LP's. This release on Mercury records is a collection of covers and original works. The fidelity was above average on this recording, but not excellent. This album.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Sing Along Junk on Discogs. Label: Mercury - SRM 1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Jazz • Style: Soul /5(29).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Gap Mangione - Sing Along Junk at Discogs. Complete your Gap Mangione collection/5(35).
  3. Gap Mangione: Sing Along Junk (LP, Vinyl record album) - A strange little record – but a nice one! The set's halfway between funky jazz and easy sound -- Dusty Groove Brand: Mercury (Label).
  4. Long Hair Soulful; Pina Colada; Theme From "The Burglars" Sing Along Junk; You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You; It's Gonna Take Some Time; Diana In The Autumn Wind Jason * Mercury Records SRM 1 * written by Gap Mangione. Liner Notes.
  5. Dope & Beautiful Groove「Diana In The Autumn Wind」!! Chuck Mangioneの弟で鍵盤奏者Gap Mangioneの72年リリースアルバム。Slum Village「Fall In Love」やJaylib「The Official」でサンプリングされたB5「Diana In The Autumn Wind」をはじめ、A3「Pond With Swans」、スウィンギーなA5「Long Hair Soulful」、ファンキーなA6「Pina Colada」等ナイス.
  6. Chuck Mangioneの弟で鍵盤奏者Gap Mangioneの72年リリースアルバム。 Slum Village「Fall In Love」やJaylib「The Official」でサンプリングされたB5「Diana In The Autumn Wind」をはじめ、A3「Pond With Swans」、スウィンギーなA5「Long Hair Soulful」、ファンキーなA6「Pina Colada」等ナ .
  7. Apr 09,  · Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Long Hair Soulful · Chuck Mangione The Best Of Chuck Mangione ℗ Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Released on: Acoustic Guitar: Mark.
  8. Gap Mangione / Sing Along Junk (LP / Mercury) | 中古レコード通販 大阪 Root Down Records. Root Down Records. Soul, Funk, Jazz, Disco, Reggae, Hiphop and All Good Music.

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