Let Me Have It All - Sly & The Family Stone - Fresh (8-Track Cartridge, Album)

Females Cynthia Robinson and Rosie Stone played instruments onstage, rather than just providing vocals or serving as visual accompaniment for the male members. Although "Dance to the Music" was the band's only hit single until late , the impact of that single and the Dance to the Music and Life albums reverberated across the music industry.

Larry Graham invented the " slapping technique " of bass guitar playing, which became synonymous with funk music. The later work of Sly and the Family Stone was as influential as the band's early work. There's a Riot Goin' On , Fresh , and Small Talk are considered among the first and best examples of the matured version of funk music, after prototypical instances of the sound in the band's s work.

Sly Stone ultimately discovered that his utopia had a ghetto, and he brilliantly tore the whole thing down on There's a Riot Goin' On , which does not refute the joy of his earlier music. Sly had found something else to take him higher and, as a result, Riot is a record very much informed by drugs, paranoia, and a sort of halfhearted malcontent [ It's significant in the annals of pop and soul because it is blunt and unflinching, because it reflects personal and cultural crises in a manner unbecoming for pop records at the time.

Riot can be classified as avant-soul only after being recognized as a soul nightmare—the 'nightmare', so to speak, being a reflection of an unfortunate and uncompromised reality, not a glossed-over pop-music approximation of reality.

Writer Colin Larkin described the album as "unlike anything heard before in black music". Miles Davis was similarly inspired by the band and worked with Sly Stone on his recordings, resulting in On the Corner ; the sartorial and band lineup changes hallmarked jazz fusion. The original members of the Family Stone were in attendance, except Sly.

Just as the band took the podium to receive their awards, Sly suddenly appeared. He accepted his award, made some very brief remarks "See you soon" , and disappeared from public view. The project features cover versions of the band's songs, songs which sample the original recordings, and songs that do both. The group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in The original plan, to have been a surprise for audiences, was to feature a reunion performance by the original Sly and the Family Stone lineup as the highlight of the tribute.

However, the Grammy Award show's producers were worried that Sly Stone, who missed some of the rehearsals and belatedly arrived for others, would miss the show. The tribute began halfway through the Grammy Awards ceremony, and was introduced by comedian Dave Chappelle. After the first half of "I Want to Take You Higher", the Family Stone took the stage alongside the other musicians, and Tyler called backstage "Hey, Sly; let's do it the way we used to do it! Sly's unusual appearance and brief performance garnered highly mixed reviews and was covered throughout the press.

An Associated Press report referred to Sly as the " J. Salinger of funk" and simply referred to the performance as being "bizarre". This listing features the lineup from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American band. Sly and the Family Stone in Funk psychedelic soul rock. Main article: Sly Stone. Main article: Sly and the Family Stone discography. Retrieved May 20, Rolling Stone. November 25, Sly and the Family Stone at AllMusic. Retrieved January 18, Sly and the Family Stone.

All Music Guide. Retrieved on January 18, December 3, Joel Whitburn. Record Research Inc. Retrieved January 26, Review for Life by Sly and the Family Stone. Retrieved on January 17, Retrieved on February 3, The fact was Sly was obviously in a creative if not productive high at the turn of the decade, evidenced in how the music was getting both funkier and stranger and at the same time remaining pop-friendly.

But while his singles were among the best anyone ever produced, his ability to focus long enough to deliver an accompanying album seemed compromised by his growing paranoia and drug use. According to Larry Graham and others, Sly was not playing well with others by this time, even if the music was better than ever.

As a singles artist, there's no question in my mind that was Sly's year. The mind boggles at what might have happened had Sly retained his Stand focus a year longer and poured that creativity into a long-playing album. Slokes , Nov 6, Location: Los Angeles, CA. Seems like that would have been a good time for Epic to issue a live album. Steel Woole , Nov 6, I think "Que Sera Sera" is likely a later track, given the drum machine on it.

It may simply have been early in Fresh 's sessions, before Larry Graham left the band. Graham's popping bass-playing is unmistakably front and center. Sly, mysteriously, is singing around the edges of the song, giving the spotlight up to his back-up singers which I assume was Little Sister.

Location: Central PA. Dillydipper , Nov 7, Slokes , Nov 7, Location: The mid-South. Clearly the lost album is the Live recording of the Chicago concert in Grant Park in I was there, and there was "A riot going on". Location: Baton Rouge, LA. Great idea for a thread Steve! Horns return for an encore, and fuzzy piano let it get a foot in the door to join the grind of the song.

This groove just makes you want to get with someone and just get nasty, although any feeling of guilt is completely on you. This track, an Academy Award-winner that was feature in an Alfred Hitchcock film, is given the Family Stone treatment.

The piano and synth combination is lovely, while a bass rolls on in the background. Rose Stone, Sly,s sister, provides the lead vocals on the track, and they are incredibly beautiful. Seemingly, the entire band joins her for the chorus to say that whatever happens, happens.

It is one of those universal constants, expressed here wonderfully. A slow-jazz beat continues into the next verse, and the album has reached its pinnacle. The chorus yields another wonderful moment of all-around musicality, pure emotion in the face of all the greasy funk present on the rest of the album.

This song could almost pass for a church tune, the organ strikes in background. A bluesy guitar solo puts this thought to rest. One final chorus strikes the heart of the listener, leaving them stricken with calm, as well as astounded at such a monumental track. There is only one true complaint that I have with Fresh. The production of the album can, at times, give one or more instruments a little too much prominence. Normally, this isn't a negative aspect at all; however, this leaves other instruments drowned in the mix, almost an afterthought.

The drums, at one moment, might bring the ensemble to a high, and a second later be lost in the cacophony of soul and funk to be found on the album. More often than not, this is the fault of Sly, Rose, and the Little Sisters, but it is a truly bittersweet facet to this album.

Present are moments of ecstatic funk, endless groove, as well as songs that are just plain fun to dance and jive to. Every instrument helps to bring out this sound, and is integral in crafting this niche style for Sly and the gang.

While there are a few low points to be seen, this album overall is a monstrously good inclusion in the library of any and all music fans. Get this record, there's no way you'll regret it. Cursive The Ugly Organ. ISIS Sawblade. Nine Inch Nails Year Zero. Sly and the Family Stone. Retrieved July 9, Retrieved March 9, — via robertchristgau. Retrieved July 9, — via The Guardian. April 3, Archived from the original on April 3, New York: Quill Publishing. Rolling Stone. Retrieved September 18,

rows · Sly & the Family Stone were an important and influential band from Vallejo, California, .

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 8-Track Cartridge release of Fresh on Discogs. Label: Epic - EA • Format: 8-Track Cartridge Album • Country: US • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk.
  2. Fresh expands and brightens the slow grooves of There's a Riot Goin' On, turning them, for the most part, into friendly, welcoming prinartetintiosab.fornahollharspirendvavantdetestmostthe.co are still traces of the narcotic haze of Riot, particularly on the brilliant, crawling inversion of "Que Sera, Sera," yet this never feels like an invitation into a junkie's prinartetintiosab.fornahollharspirendvavantdetestmostthe.co, this isn't necessarily lighter than Riot-- in fact, his social 8/
  3. One of the downfalls of the Fresh album is that many of the songs sound alike. This, of course, isn't new for Sly & the Family Stone records, it's just more pronounced in the laid-back, urban funk.
  4. Fresh is the sixth album by American funk/soul/rock band Sly and the Family Stone, released by Epic/CBS Records on June 30, Written and produced by Sly.
  5. Fresh is the sixth album by American funk band Sly and the Family Stone, released by Epic/CBS Records on June 30, Written and produced by Sly Stone over two years, Fresh .
  6. Feb 15,  · Great album, underrated as you said. It’s still growing on me. It ranks at #4 in their discography as of right now. Fav. songs: Underdog Let Me Hear It From You (cool to hear Sly.
  7. In late , Sly and the Family Stone released the single "Everyday People", which became their first No. 1 hit. "Everyday People" was a protest against prejudice of all kinds and popularized the catchphrase "different strokes for different folks". With its B-side "Sing a Simple Song", it served as the lead single for the band's fourth album, Stand!, which was released on May 3,

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