Its Called A Heart (Dam Club Mix) - Depeche Mode - Excited Mixes Vol. 5 (CD)

Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. This remix is as deep as the ocean yet it carries an intensity with it that sweeps me away time and again.

Keeping it fluid and dancefloor. I like music with rhythmic movement, a sway, something to groove to. I like to fill in the gaps between the beats with rhythm.

Patrice will perform a 5-hour set, supported by Aidan Doherty. That is where the magic happens. Totally agree Adam with everything you said…the Loudness War website is rubbish..

The Japanese take extreme care in recreating the original album sleeves to make them look fantastic. By the way, I noticed a mistake on the sticker on the box. But this album was released in I would agree that everyone needs to be their own judge. I was growing increasingly irritated by what I perceived was louder but somehow more muddled sounding music. It may be that I grew up in a time where people used vinyl on good turntables, with good sound systems and big ass speakers.

Music was able to breathe more and you could hear the mids as well as the lows and highs. When the reissue craze first started, I was excited and ready to spend. I then spent a small fortune on pairs of studio quality headphones.

I then deleted my Itunes library and ripped every single cd at Aiff quality. Better but still no joy. I even had my hearing checked. In short.. But I want it to sound as it was originally intended. Not louder without substance. But crisp, clean so that the listener can hear everything, not just the base. If I played two identical tracks, one from and the same track mastered in say , I guarantee that I would be able to tell the difference in seconds.

That website was founded and is run by someone that shares the same fondness for music. Not just loud. I agree with much of what has been said. She used to stream some excerpts on her website and I had assumed she kept the rights to the recordings— Maybe they are holding off on it for yet another release.

But still, yes, it looks beautiful and luckily is coming out just when I should be getting some birthday money. The album is The Dance Collection The boxset is a ripoff,especially since it has no unreleased material. The backing vocals of Donna on the Gene Simmons song Burning Up with Fever make the song extra good, and she also did backing on another Gene song, Tunnel of Love which is not so great. I doubt the remastered versions on this collection will be up to that sound. The boxset also omits the Bad Girls demo version that was on Bad Girls deluxe edition.

What a shame that the boxset is such a waste. The boxset was great, but this is just rehashing all the stuff us fans have already. This is pretty expensive.

Kind Regards. Track down the Gold compilation for this selection Michael. The only thing missing is the Cowley Mega Mix. Both of which I cannot find on cd or on iTunes. Sadly, even the I feel love mega mix that appeared on the u. From my teens to senior citizen status. She was introduced to a legion of young people, whom might not have known who she was otherwise. From the gorgeous cover photo to the song selections.

I thought this was extremely well done. Whomever put this new collection together selected 7 cuts from that project that could have easily housed a more varied selection of better remixes. Like the most recent remixes of hot stuff, or as someone else suggested Con te partiro. And all of her fans hate the holy ghost mix of Working the midnight shift. I would be happy if they just removed that completely. So is Encore perfect? I wonder if they will consider making more than sets.

I have been trying to infuse some sanity about what was included and not included due to licensing, availability, feasibility, and practicality. Sometimes vinyl rips are all we are ever gonna get. Id like to know when they will ever release the version of Hot Stuff that was only on some Disco years cd from years ago compilation. Its on youtube. Its basically the single version extended. I have heard a couple different versions to of that one.

Maybe we get the Casablanca remasters in Vinyl. Her casablanca vinyl collection has been out of print for ages. Because you can be sure they will use the same thing for the vinyl. Just a quick shout out to Paul Sinclair.

I fear I may have become addicted to your site, as I have a growing need to log in several times a day. I just wanted to say a quick Thank You for hosting such a lovely site. The site is beautifully laid out, informative and the attention to detail is astonishing. Your efforts are very much appreciated!

Hear hear Paul! Your site has become essential daily viewing. Thank you for making it so informative and interesting. So amazon. I wonder if Crimson Productions Demon Music were aware of this when they decided to use amazon as their means of selling the product? This is extremely disappointing and upsetting…several people I know are in the same situation. Is there anyone at superdeluxeedition. Any help sincerely appreciated. Other recordings what i have heard from her thru the years, 33 tracks would be enough for me!

You could use one of the shipping services from the uk. They charge you but it works. Everybody hates them for good reason. Some tribute. To include them in this set is a travesty. Totally agree with Ed. The fans would go mad for that! He posted that and a dub on Soundcloud. And to be really honest and greedy , considering that she was a dancediva with ALOT of remixes under her belt I really love a complete singles box.

Like Driven but done properly. And the number of discs would be maybe too many. A digital option for her nerdiest hardcore fans maybe? Unable to order in Australia. This set is Amazing, but I agree that with the exception of the Casablanca material alot is just rehash of recent sets.

Spreading the songs out like that is a waste. It will be sold out in no time if they stick to the promise. I wonder how much effort it is for them to print more. Is that just one phone call to the printer or are there all kinds of rights issues if they want to print more? For those of you procrastinating, I suggest you move quickly or lose out. Clearly, Donna Summer still holds a special place for many.

The albums replicating their original vinyl 2 LP issues is a nice touch, keeping it authentic to the original releases. I have them all and although they look lovely, they sound like they were mastered under water.

All of her releases prior to score highly. As an avid collector, I already own all her albums in single disc cd form, all the Japanese remasters in the deluxe bad girls box, the cd collection, the vinyl collection and the singles box set as well as the more recent 30th anniversary edition of Another Place and Time.

Yet we have to suffer through some of the horrible mixes from Love to Love you, Donna. I had better not hear any fan mixes, or hack job edits like the kind that appeared on The Ultimate collection. One last thing. The last time the patrick cowley mix of I feel Love appeared on a Donna Summer compilation, it was bad vinyl rip.

I hope this set comes with platform shoes and a little tiny disco ball for my……. They are probably saving all that for a special collection of material…there is also most likely licensing issues with that material…. Universal is the owner of these masters…. Thank you Paul for this marvellous news! I hope to see very soon the vinyl edition of this box set or, at least, of all the Casablanca records.

Greetings from Italy. I think all of us have to remember they rarely have a real fan like yourselves put something like this together. This looks fantastic, but alas with so many recent re-releases of her work, it sounds like a bit of a rehash to most. I plan to enjoy it! However, some negatives must be really pointed out no matter what Guy thinks:. I do agree however that this could have been the chance to issue all those stray tracks like the soundtracks, the different languages versions of the stunning Whenever There Is Love in French for example.

It could have been much worse, but could have been better. Fill em up with these missing tracks!! I wholeheartedly agree! This looks great, that box looks great, not a big fan of Donna myself but it looks terrific and low numbers, what more could a fan want? Another compilation and this time a gigantic one! We will probably all be dead by the time they release any new material that was recorded.

Not too expensive considering what you get for the money. However… having said that. I have most of the songs from earlier purchases and other remixes that never reaches the public. Definitely a good buy, if you can afford it. There are 33CDs, tracks, a book and its not even advertised as a complete discography.

What do they reasonably expect? Yes, there are some poor compilations out there. This is NOT one of them, in any shape or form. Those wanting these extra tracks have probably got them somewhere already even if in digital form. Thank you! The Hole Mix was clearly a misguided attempt to sound like Capella. More interesting and slightly annoying omission alongside Jack And Jill Party are the You Spin Me Round Metro Mixes… these appear to be owned by Sony judging by the copyright in the Boom Box which is a bit of a mystery… I guess when the deal was done for Evolution, Sony must have paid Metro to produce the new track and so retained ownership.

Please re release Boom box on CD. I got swindled by Amazon and never recieved my pre ordered copy. Charlatans are charging a ridiculous amount for a second hand copy. Overall this is disappointing, the 2CD of Sex Drive and 90s Spin Remixes looks wholely unnecessary and the cover art makes the whole set look very cheap and shoddy.

Use a picture of Pete from his last few years by all means, but this is the best one they had? And please god, stop putting out Unlistenable, errr, I mean Unbreakable, I refuse to buy that waste of a disc yet again who am I kidding, I want the new track FTF era track at least! The Original Rebel Rebel radio edit Insternational Chrysis is still not included, amazing… So this is still incomplete. Is this going to be a limited set or no And will other retailers have it other then amazon uk since they once again wont ship certain preorders to America.

Your email address will not be published. Search Search. Skip to content. Post era revisited with albums and bonus tracks Following a series of Dead Or Alive coloured vinyl reissues, Demon Music will issue Invincible a nine-CD box set which feature five albums and 60 additional mixes.

September 14, at JosefK says:. August 30, at Deanery says:. September 3, at Jai R. Emmett says:. August 27, at Michel Banen says:. August 23, at David Tiberi says:. August 22, at Glenn says:. Kauwgompie says:.

Thank you Glenn. Kauwgompie, Thanks for the response. Steven OLaf says:. Or will I need to shop around? I miss their so80s mix discs, though.

The current state of the music industry is sad when vinyl is now outselling optical media and downloads. Sorry dude. Maybe ripping the vinyl would be the easiest for you to enjoy. The 1st one was damn good!! Just some thoughts…. Thank Paul S. Although not all the tracks are my cup of tea I will buy them. I just pre-ordered them both. Sorry Paul S. These tracks are very hard to find or been released for the 1st time on cd now.

The sound is amazing!!!! These are great compilations. I never could figure out why that was left off of Asides Besides. I look forward to the new releases! Well done! A story that broke last month has caused quite a stir in the record industry. Originally, it was conveyed that little was lost but a New York Times article last month exposed that was incorrect. Very much this. Hello Piet Blank! A great mix. Yello said many years ago that they had another album worth of Billy Mackenzie tracks recorded but unreleased — Would you ask them to release this?

There are so many mixes never made it onto cd. Many thanks for your answer Piet. To collate the tracks already released on the Yello albums and those from the unreleased archive… I will keep dreaming that one day it will come true. It was always a sort of…. Anyways, maybe a stupid question. Thanks for your quick reply Piet. But just curious…. Very reasonable prices too. I drove a mile round trip just to visit it the following year. Also from Belgium, like ohm. Very excited to add both of these to the collection!

I really appreciate the care Blank and Jones put into these releases and I love discovering tracks I missed out on back in the 80s. Unfortunately that baggage and an indifferent label kept it from getting much airplay and the single and album flopped.

I think there is enough stuff to release a great album only as a tribute to WHAM. The version on the b-side to Club Tropicana is the instrumental mix. Following the tradition of the vast majority of Wham! Maybe David Austin will help steer the family to allow deluxe editions to be released. The Last Christmas project is a special case as George had already collaborated on the idea and material to be included.

They are generally designed with maximum commercial reach and will have limited appeal to actual fans. A massive ego trip. Meanwhile a proper re-evalution or re-presentation of albums goes begging.

I agree on all points here Paul! I wish the fans were listened to more. Always love these releases—so much better than all the cookie-cutter ones that rehash the same old mixes again and again. It would be nice if her label would get it together and put out a rarities compilation that included these tracks, as well as the neglected mixes of One of the Living that should have come with Private Dancer.

Also, is the ABC remix project truly dead? I and so many others were terribly excited for this. Even if they just reissued How To Be.. Depeche Mode probably listened to A. Look forward to it.

New Year Mix em up Chill em down Session of The Spoonful of Sugar Club as aired on by EclecticSundaySocial on CLICK HERE 4 DOWNLOADS AND ALTERNATE LINK VIA OUR MIX HUB 1 THE BOSSA NOVA YEARS ROSINHA DE VALENCA (Guitar) Stereo.

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  1. Depeche Mode ‎– It's Called A Heart Label: Mute ‎– CD D 12 BONG 9, Mute ‎– INT , Mute ‎– CD D12 Bong/5(4).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of It's Called A Heart (Extended) on Discogs. Label: Mute - 12 BONG 9 • Format: Vinyl 12 Depeche Mode - It's Called A Heart (Extended) (, Vinyl) | Discogs4/5(7).
  3. Depeche Mode ‎– It's Called A Heart Label: Mute ‎– INT , Mute ‎– cdbong9, Mute ‎– CDBONG 9, Mute ‎– CD Bong 9, Mute ‎– 4 2 /5.
  4. Oct 25,  · Some copies bear sticker on shrink wrap saying "Special Collector's Edition - New Remixes". Original versions available on the Sire album Catching Up With Depeche Mode (). Spine has the title as "It's Called A Heart" / "Flexible"/5(90).
  5. The band's weakest single of the '80s, "It's Called a Heart" is Depeche Mode-by-numbers in many David Gahan sounds great and Alan Wilder's arrangement is good, it's not fantastic, and Martin Gore's song itself is somewhat indifferent. Compared to the emotional intensity of the immediately preceding "Shake the Disease," "It's Called a Heart" is just there -- energy without real.
  6. Depeche Mode - Excited Mixes Vol. 1-Bootlegx-BFHMP3 Depeche Mode - Excited Mixes Vol. 2-Bootlegx-BFHMP3 Ashanee-Club Classics Vol 1-Retail CDx-WiS Ashanti Waugh-Hot The Dance Get Hot-VLSx-YARD Dennis Brown John Holt The Paragons-Left With A Broken Heart-Reissue VLSx-YARD Depeche Modeth Strikex-FWYH INT.
  7. "Gigamix Of Mode" 1 disc (8 tracks which play without breaks) This is a 79 minute medley of pieces of Depeche Mode songs woven together as if they were one smooth song, which is supposedly the longest such 'megamix' so they called it a gigamix - Sound quality not yet rated - .
  8. match each description of characteristics heard in romantic music with its musical category. 1) diatonic and consonant melody and harmony 2) tension and resolution through chromaticism 3) frequent use of ruboto and changes of speed 4) many forms, achieved by contrasts of tonality, modality etc. 5) use of arpeggios, tremolos, sequences.

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