It - Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Dusseldorf (CDr)

Looking past the petty vandalism that is conveyed by Rael's spray painting of his name, this action is just the pawn of a much more significant issue. This horrific action, is also not revealed, but hints are sprinkled throughout the record. Terrified and confounded, Rael attempts to run from the wall, but cannot escape it and battles both the wall and his perception of reality. This represents the death of reality for Rael, who is now thrown into a purgatory-type of realm in which he must improve as a human being to escape.

Some sort of consciousness is reached in Cuckoo Cocoon , where Rael discovers that he is in some type of place he has never been or heard of before.

Like the relaxing feel of the music itself, Rael has found some sort of tranquility in this strange place, and is not afraid to drift off to sleep. Once again however, Rael is completely befuddled on whether or not what he is experiencing is real. In the Cage is where Rael wakes up, no longer in the cocoon, but in a dreary cave. He stumbles upon a series of cages that humans are locked in, and unable to move. As John walks away, the cage disintegrates, Rael finds himself back in a conventional building in which he believes to be real.

Recognizing several people in the building as members of his gang, Rael makes a run to escape the building only to see Brother John once again. He finds the streets of New York once again, but they appear to be modernized and re-done.

The sights make Rael think back to his times with the gang, and how he gained the respect of his mob when he was incarcerated. At a time when a break is needed from all the darkness and obscurity, comes Rael's first encounter with love.

Both musically and lyrically, Counting Out Time is light and beautiful, accentuating his experience perfectly. Without you, what would a poor boy do? Found a girl I wanted to date, Thought I'd better get it straight. This bright point in the story is only an introduction to a much more melodic and wondrous piece, The Carpet Crawlers. Considered one of Genesis' most incredible works, if not the most incredible The Carpet Crawlers utilizes a harp-like synthesizer and very serene lead guitar.

Rael does make it up the stairs however, but is faced with a choice of 32 doors and the obstacle of many others who are attempting to get out.

I'd give you all of my dreams, if you'd help me, Find a door That doesn't lead me back again, take me away. Rael is deceived however, because he is left in darkness and hears a terrifying noise approaching.

Developing into a somewhat usual instrumental, The Waiting Room is the segue into musical masterpiece Anyway. Beginning harmlessly, the piano builds to a foreboding and terrifying level as Rael throws a rock at his unknown target, which is enough to destroy the cave entirely.

Now cornered with nowhere to go, Rael faces death once again. Considering what had just happened to Rael, he discovers that he is still very alive. Progressive rock art rock [1]. John Burns Genesis. The lyrics printed on the sleeve give the correct division between the two tracks.

On the back cover it is presented in all caps , the same as all other songs. Ultimate Classic Rock. Retrieved 2 March New Musical Express. Retrieved 23 April Reissues Interview bonus feature at — Philadelphia Daily News. Retrieved 23 February — via Newspapers. Retrieved 22 April Melody Maker , 23 November Melody Maker. Retrieved 17 August Retrieved 31 December Archived from the original on 20 October Retrieved 4 April Charisma Records. CGS PolyGram Video. Peter Gabriel: An Authorized Biography.

Retrieved 6 August Retrieved 25 July Official Charts. Retrieved 25 April Retrieved 23 September Library and Archives Canada.

Retrieved 5 December Recorded Music NZ. Retrieved 24 April British Phonographic Industry. David Byrne. Tina Turner. Tom Tom Club. Ted Nugent. Hanoi Rocks. Grand Funk Railroad. Follow us by Email.

What kind of audio encoding do you prefer? How Old Are You? What are your favourite music genres? These Bootlegs have been banned. Our Apologies. Bootlegs Lovers Followers. More Featured Bootlegs. The Firm. David Lee Roth. The Faces. Bob Marley.

Velvet Underground. Talking Heads. Gary Moore. Peter Frampton. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date November 18, Recording Location Wales. Track Listing - Disc 1. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

Fly on a Windshield. Broadway Melody of Cuckoo Cocoon. In the Cage. I realized a direct feeling which made it even clearer. That is the essence of the live itself. GENESIS in the era of Peter Gabriel is also known as a growing period in which performance has improved with one album and one tour, but this work is also the last full sound board of that one is. Among the above 7, I think that only this work will pass through and it will be understood that it is a late recording, but its growth is clear.

And with the highlight that corresponds to the original D side, overwhelming performances that impel the impossible rival which can not be heard are elicited. Perhaps it was a tour that fully reproduced the album that grew to just this fraction. Members at that time seemed to have been trying to keep playing the same songs in the same song order each evening, but that was why they were polished and thoroughly trained.

One masterpiece of polished masterpieces far beyond excellent sound board dimension, with modern technology. Please enjoy this extraordinary progressive rock polar field. Disc 1 1. Fly On A Windshield 3. Broadway Melody Of 4. Cuckoo Cocoon 5. In The Cage 6.

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  1. The Lamb Lies Down On Düsseldorf (Highland HL/#G24). Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany – April 6th, Disc 1 (): The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Fly On A Windshield, Broadway Melody Of , Cuckoo Cocoon, In The Cage, The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging, Back In N.Y.C., Hairless Heart, Counting Out Time, The Carpet Crawlers, The Chamber Of 32 Doors, .
  2. Genesis / The Lamb Lies Down On Dusseldorf / 2CD. in s, Genesis, Highland /10/24 Views. Genesis / The Lamb Lies Down On Dusseldorf / 2CD / Highland. Click Image To Enlarge. tweet; Related Articles. Who / Cincinnati / 2CD. /06/ Derek & The Dominos / Fillmore East 2nd Press / 4CD.
  3. The Lamb Lies Down On Dusseldorf Recorded Live At Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 6 April Recorded at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. This was the first of two days Genesis, both of which were recorded. On this recording both "It" and "Box" have been replaced by the matching songs from the previous night's performance.
  4. Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Dusseldorf Recorded Live At Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, West Germany 6 April Highland Records -- HL / #G cd1 1 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 2 Fly On A Windshield 3 Broadway Melody Of 4 Cuckoo Cocoon 5 In The Cage 6 The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 7 Back In N.Y.C. 8 Hairless Heart 9 Counting Out Time.
  5. Live soundboard recording of Genesis – The Chamber Of 32 Lambs is from April 19, during the “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” tour. It was recorded at the Empire Theater in Liverpool, United Kingdom. This double set contains the entire performance of the “Lamb Lies Down .
  6. Genesis: Apr Philipshalle, Dusseldorf: The Lamb Lies Down On Düsseldorf () Genesis: Apr Westfalenhalle 3, Dortmund (42) Genesis: Apr Westfalenhalle 3, Dortmund () Currently hosting pieces of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway artwork.
  7. Genesis: Apr Philipshalle, Dusseldorf: The Lamb Lies Down On Düsseldorf () Genesis: Apr Westfalenhalle 3, Dortmund: Digital Lambs In Dortmund () Genesis: Currently hosting pieces of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway artwork listartdb version #
  8. Genesis Trespass & Nursery Cryme '72 Foxtrot Tour Selling England by the Pound Tour Lamb Lies down on Broadway Tour Trick of the Tail tour Wind and Wuthering Tour And Then There Were Three Tour The Duke Tour The Abacab Tour Three Sides Live Tour The Mama Tour -
  9. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is the sixth studio album by the English progressive rock band Genesis, their last with frontman Peter Gabriel before his departure in It was released as a double album on 18 November by Charisma tells the story of Rael, a Puerto Rican youth from New York City who embarks on a journey of self-discovery, and encounters bizarre incidents and.

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