How To Kill A Jedi - Gurdan Thomas - The Dark Side Of (CD, Album)

So I wonder, can Jedi kill? Well, I think Anakin said that because it's a slightly different situation when you kill someone during a fight to the death and when your opponent is defenseless and doesn't even have hands anymore. A This question has been discussed over at scifi. If you take only the latter, there's a good case to be made for "No" as the answer. If you take everything into account, it seems the only possible answer is "Yes". Some discussion here on the subject of whether Jedi should kill: scifi.

I would ague he wasn't really a Jedi until he decided not to kill his father, which was exactly why he had to face Vader again before he was really a Jedi according to Yoda. He actually says "I am a Jedi, like my father before me" right after deciding not to kill. Can, but not when other alternatives are available?

Active Oldest Votes. One could argue that Mace, Kit, Saesee, and Agen launching an offensive on Palpatine demonstrates that the Jedi have no real qualms with killing, and that fact is one of the primary flaws in the Jedi Order's dogma that leads them to their eventual demise. With that being said, however, having no real qualms with killing is hardly one of the flaws that leads them to their eventual demise. Darth Sidious' ability to hide his presence, his plans, and his actions, not to mention his ability to cloud the Jedi's connection the Force, is what lead to their eventual demise.

TylerH This is a much more expanded debate. I have a hard time believing that Mace truly believed that he was going to arrest a Sith and that it wouldn't turn into a deathmatch.

That said, the Jedi misinterpreted a lot of things such as the chosen one myth , and strayed from the light side in far more ways than a free willingness to kill. That is just one of the many examples. After the seventh encounter with Sand People on Tatooine and their illustrious leader ripping them apart with his twin lightsabers in a haze of fury, shrieking curses in every language imaginable, Vette had turned to Quinn with a frown.

The Imperial gave her a Look. The barely-disguised-disgust-Look. Good ol' Quinn. She could always count on him to be the same old, surly creeper. At least his rage is being channeled in a constructive manner. She ignored him and stared after the Sith, who was still venting his rage in creative and invasive ways. The remaining Sand People were fleeing — the ambush party had consisted of seven riflemen and two of what they called 'shamans. They didn't get very far when Baras' apprentice noticed they were trying to sneak off.

He threw the lightsaber in his left hand at another one and felled the third one with a force push, sending it flying and snapping its neck mid-flight. Vette turned back to Quinn. Better the native wildlife on the line then my lekku. Oh, that reminds me, could you remind me to get 'em buffed after we leave this planet? The sand is messing up everything, and it gets everywhere.

Vette jumped, not realizing he'd crept up on them. Quinn smirked a bit at her surprise and she stuck her tongue out at him, since she couldn't think up a comeback. Sith seemed to have calmed down quite a bit, but Vette could still feel the sheer irritation and rage emanating from him, and she wasn't even Force-sensitive. His expression twisted in disgust as he grabbed his robes and shook them, sand falling out.

I'm never coming to this cesspit they insult by calling a planet again. One of you make a note of that. I'm serious, fuck this planet. I hate it and everyone in it. Even the Jawa are starting to tick me off, and I've always liked Jawa. This planet is a worthless shithole. Even the people who live and earn their livelihood here can't stand the place. A rarity in the Order; Weapons Specialists worked with double-bladed lightsabers , lightsaber pikes , flails, whips, and blasters.

Vital to the training of Jedi Initiates at the Temple, lightsaber instructors were chosen by the current Jedi battlemaster after having served many long years on the front lines of battle. While the title battlemaster was taken up by many Jedi during the New Sith Wars , it was eventually once more used to represent a single Jedi at each academy, recommending potential instructors to the Jedi High Council for appointment.

A female Twi'lek Jedi Guardian. Organized under the Jedi Starfighter Corps , the Jedi aces were highly adept pilots and dogfighters. Piloting a variety of different starfighter models over the Order's history, those specializing as Aces used their battle awareness to increase their firing accuracy and precision far beyond what a non- Force-sensitive pilot could achieve. Early on, the Aces served side by side with the Republic Navy , but after its dissolution they worked closely with local defense fleets.

Like all Jedi, they were keepers of the peace, acting as a kind of special police force for the Galactic Republic. Guardians traditionally wielded blue lightsabers, though this was not a rule. It is a battle that has been raging for more than four decades.

It is fought between those who believe these movies are just space fantasies for the under 12s, and those certain there is something more sombre and sophisticated beneath the surface — or at least that there ought to be. I usually like being a Being a good girl sith Dark side female but being good. Maybe I should try Light side male but be a bad guy. Very poorly done. Ultimately, your motivations are two-fold: to survive against the Sith that puruse you and to find out why the Jedi masters stripped you of the force and cast you out of the order.

The direction in which you take those motivations are supposedly steered by your aligment and Kreia's machinations. The problem is that the game forces you to play lightside in order to get what you want from the Jedi Masters. Granting the player light-side points for that is silly and generally goes against the game's own take on deconstructivism. Except then it tries to insist that you're grey and following a wiser path, what with not being chained to one specific dogma.

The dark side, once it has taken hold, influences and exponentially impacts a Jedi. You can perform dark side actions and be subject to dark corruption. An example of one who was a Sith, but not a dark side-starved monster was Darth Traya from KOTOR 2. She was certainly no Jedi, but different from conventional Sith teachings.

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  3. Listen to The Dark Side of Gurdan Thomas on Spotify. Gurdan Thomas · Album · · 13 songs.
  4. Nov 18,  · I've only made one light side choice so far. T-7 doesn't always like my answers but much of the time he's fine with them and I think he's probably the toughest one to play with as dark side. For example on Tython I was very respectful to the Jedi leaders but I didn't deal with betrayal well at all.
  5. Label: Dark Side Remixes Records - DSM 09,Not On Label (DJ Dark Side Self-released) - DSM 09 • Format: CD Compilation, Limited Edition, Promo • Country: Brazil • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: New Wave, Industrial, Goth Rock, Synth-pop, Darkwave.
  6. Just beat the game as Dark Side and I was realy f*cking disappointed that I was forced to kill each Jedi master. No options to spare them, just douchey "get ready to die" options. But I like playing a bad ass, dark force using character and turning his companions into dark jedi, but why does this force you to kill the jedi? It's the whole point of a story driven game with decisions.
  7. Jedi can and do kill, but they must do it in self-defence and or in the defence of others especially the helpless and the weak. This was allowed and encouraged by the jedi code especially when dealing with sith and dark jedi, it was accepted that killing their enemies was sometimes the only course of .
  8. There are three quite well-known movies that discuss exactly this: the Star Wars prequel trilogy. In The Phantom Menace, Yoda says "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." This is a su.

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