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Namespaces Article Talk. That is a true concept album in the full sense of the word. Wrap in his coat of Indigo, the character struggles to free his self as portrait on the cover , and maybe preserve his sanity. The music has many nice twists and all band members contribute aptly, but the guitar is absolutely magnificent. The dialogue between the guitar and the voice has touches me deeply. This is a mostly a hard rock tune, but in neoprog realm. The lyrics criticize many aspects of our current fad from the point of view of a disillusioned young character.

I love the nuances and the subtle structure of this song. As always, the guitar is incredibly good, but it is the synths very good solo… that made it for me on this tune. This could be a great tune as the theme of a SF film score of the cyberpunk genre. The title is very explicit and conveys well the difficulty of growing up, of evolving. We recognize here the Pendragon style of symphonic progressive rock beef up by metal influences.

This first part is a gem of progressive rock; the music blending really well with the lyrics. I simply adore it. Near the end, we hear what seems to be violin and that creates a superb effect. The tone changes in the middle and we sail on a darker sea. In the end, the ugly face of mindless youth violence is implied subtly. All the passion from Nick is again sweating out of his guitar and he really delivers a great piece of music.

The heaviest number of all, it the hard to digest ''The Freak Show'': fortunately, it is by far the shortest track from this album less than five minutes. It still holds some fine but very short melodic lines and refers bizarrely to ''Ziggy'' in the lyrics. But these are the only attractive parts of this song which I consider as the least interesting of this whole work. I might be conventional here, but this is how I love this band the most: when they signed an infectious melody which is sublimated by the mellowish vocals and passionate guitars.

Some might find it irritating but I just enjoy this type of song very much. As usual, the band is also proposing a long pieces-suite. Almost a trade mart I should say. I am not too much convinced by this mix though. When ''Pendragon'' plays this type of music, I feel it is somewhat forced; to meet the current wave of metal music. I just hope that for their next effort, the band gets back with softer compositions which fits them better IMO.

With ''Pure'', the band released a good album, but some magic is gone as far as I'm concerned. Three stars. The dog is barking? The main melody kicks in after a minute as riffs then vocals join in. Nice guitar after 3 minutes. It's darker before 6 minutes before it kicks back in with power. I like the lines "If I could just get one arm free It's followed up with some gorgeous guitar from Barrett that goes on and on to the end.

It kicks back in 4 minutes in with a good powerful sound. The contrasts the rest of the way are well done. A change 2 minutes in and then it kicks into gear heavily a minute later. Check out the guitar and drumming after 4 minutes.

A calm 6 minutes in and we get some orchestral sounds after 7 minutes that disappear as drums join in. It blends into "Comatose Space Cadet ". Lyrically it's about how our subject has turned paranoid and decided to take a gun to school. This is atmospheric with samples. Our subject is getting stoned and looking at his Hendrix posters. I like the guitar late as it lazily plays. The riffs are back briefly.

Vocals 2 minutes in. This song has such meaning about how as teens we start to focus on ourselves too much and worry what others think about us. Vocals come into this laid back tune. It gets fuller before 4 minutes.

Barrett comes in with this guitar solo that goes on and on. So uplifting. Piano ends it. This is close to being a 5 star record. It may turn into that for me. Get well Andy! This is definitely a top 10 for I can't re-tell about their previous since I don't have it, but I can say that from Masquerade Overture to Pure, it's definitely a new band. Pendragon of the 90's here is almost gone, except for Nick's stunning guitar solos, the rest is history: The album launches with Indigo, a 13 minute song divided brutally in two halfs; the first half being dark and heavy, dominated by Nick's powerful guitar, Clive's keys are barely present and doesn't showcase's his talent; the second half is compromised by a soft rythm, very Floydish, lead mainly by Nick's guitar solo.

I really don't think the passage from heavy to soft here is very well achieved, seems like 2 completely different songs, which it would have been better if they were seperated. Still, a powerful, though unexpected, intro for this album. The next song is Eraserhead. Another song that is quite unexpected from them, from the semi-frantic intro with the un-typical Moog for Pendragon to the typical Pendragon chorus with Nick's nice voice.

The song has a lot variation, once again, ending with some odd keyboard chords, but soon to Nick's unforgettable guitar. You hear a much more fierceful band, exploring new territories as the ones mentioned before. Part 1 and 2 embraces all of the characteristics mentioned before. Some very heavy riffing and odd sounds performed by Clive.

Part 3 is a bit more typical Pendragon, but you can definitely hear a different atmoshpere to it, the mood you heard on The Window of Life or Masquerade Overture is gone forever well at least in this album.

In general, it's a quite good performed and thought epic, it's just a bit of nostalgia of their old sound that makes it feel a bit weak for me. For more oddities, you have The Freak Show. A heavy mainstream song. Besides the metal-ish opener, the song is quite simple compared to the rest of the songs of the album, once again the keyboards have a minor role on the song.

Overall, a catchy heavy song. The album ends with the romantic, semi-depressing not a bad thing , It's Only Me. The song develops from the soft melody of Nick's guitar and Clive's piano, to a bit more powerful but still gentle on vocals, with Nick's fantastic guitar solo giving a special touch to the song.

A nice ending to the album. You may think that I don't like bands to change of style or that I'm close-minded, I must say that I like very much when bands change of style even more when they're stuck and don't know what to do, other than repeat old formulas. But in this case, the change of direction is quite radical and unexpected, still it creates a heck-of a album with some stunning compositions as the epic or Indigo. In the end a well crafted album, but with some flaws like the focus on Nick's guitar, or having some experimentations which could have been omitted, also Clive's role in this album is almost null, which in Pendragon's case it's a big loss, since the keyboards used to have a very important role.

For those who like Heavy Prog interpolated with Symphonic compositions, then this will be for your apeal. Those who expect synth solos, classic Neo-Prog compositions, you might be dissapointed with this. Wheni discovered Pendragon, I had high expectations, because of my love for Clive Nolan and his keys. But what I didn't know was that the mastermind behind the band was Nick Barett and not Nolan.

Some transported me in a world of fantasy and mystery Paintbox for instance , but more than often, the whole aftertaste of their sugary approach just drived me nuts. Did Pendragon also wanted to have a patrimony, like Marillion?

Fish gave a lot of magic and fantasy to the band, including a jester as a main character. Well for Pendragon, the ''magic world'' theme seems to be recurrent.

Ahrg, the cramps are back again. I don't really feel like being embarked by a smiling Harry Potter looking magician, taking off his hat to reveal a trail of stars leading to a wonderful place; that artwork seemed so cheesy, and it probably reflected on the music read soapy and dull.

But hey, what happened? They brought a new and energetic drumming double bass pedal! Wow, it's like a future version of a band that wanted probably to try something new, something fresh. And the results are talking for themselves: this rocks hard.

Like Arena leaned toward metal with Opera Fanatica, Pendragon is ever knee deep in modern metal. Wow again, I hope Nolan saved some keyboard ideas for the new Arena album, because he never played that stuff with them! Congratulations Mr. Barett, you've win me back. While all of the Pendragon studio releases from 's The World up till and including 's Not Of This World were quite similar to each other and followed a similar formula even the album sleeves of these releases are similar!

This divided the fans. Some thought that Believe was the band's best album ever, while others thought it was one of the least good of their albums! Personally, I belong to the former camp. Even though I have never been a very big fan of Pendragon, I found Believe unbelievably good and certainly more interesting than any of the previous albums by the band.

This follow up, entitled Pure, is quite different yet again, both in relation to Believe and in relation to the earlier albums. The hard edge is even stronger here and some passages are even heavy and border on Metal territory! This is something that was totally unimaginable coming from the same band that made such lightweight albums as The World and The Masquerade Overture.

It seems that the intention here was to bring the band's sound "up to date", but I must say that this modern production doesn't really fit the band that well. Pendragon was always a band that ignored trends and opted for a sound that somehow defied time, but here it occasionally sounds as if they are just trying too hard to be contemporary - they somehow come across as trying very hard to be something they're not.

It is almost as if the band were imprisoned in a confined space, like the person trapped in a glass box depicted on the sleeve, for ten years, and when they finally escaped they didn't quite know who they were and exactly what they wanted to do anymore.

On a positive note, new drummer Scott Higham injects new energy in the rhythm department but I like his contribution even more on the live DVD Concerto Maximo where he injects new life into older Pendragon songs and Clive is back in full force here on the keyboards after playing only a minor role in the sound on the previous album.

The acoustic side of the band that was stronger than ever on the folky Believe is, however, almost totally absent here.

Some of the World-Music influences from that album remain, though. But the most important thing in music generally is the songwriting, the material itself. And the songs on Pure are quite alright even if I find these songs less memorable than most of the songs from the previous three or four albums.

The nearly 14 minute opener Indigo is the best of the set and this number holds up quite well in the overall Pendragon catalogue. Eraserhead is another strong tune with a nice riff. Yes, several of these songs are actually based on riffs rather than melodies and the usual sustained guitar solos! There are also some grey areas on this album.

Even after repeated listens I don't seem to remember much from the three-part Comatose or the closer It's Only Me. They're pleasant, but they don't stick. For me Pure was actually something of a disappointment, not only since the previous album had impressed me so much, but even in relation to earlier albums. Even the 90's albums, that I like but never have been too impressed by, sound at least more honest and "genuine" in a way that Pure somehow doesn't.

Still, Pure is not a bad album but it is not, despite the high average rating, the best place to start investigating Pendragon. The aforementioned live DVD Concerto Maximo is a much better recent release from the band that contains a couple of songs from this album in addition to lots of classics.

From very first song I was pleasantly wondered by energetic level and music heaviness. Long composition included some melodic acoustic interludes and even eastern motives! But main problems still occurred - comparing with classy symphonic prog or prog metal bands, music is very simplistic and musicianship level is only average.

Even if few good guitar solo occurs, drummer is low tech, and vocal is below any critics. Second song just confirmed my first impression. Being melodic, composition's structure is taken from average power metal band from s. Guitar solos are not bad, but not personal at all. Drummers shows there really good class, however. Third song started from ballad-like half spoken intro, later continued as mid- tempo melodic, but very predictable symphonic composition.

I decided just listen album till the end. Final impression - for sure, this work is better than my first experience Kowtow , but in fact contains very average music ,full of pieces, borrowed from different bands from s. Even if some moments are not so bad, simplistic musicianship, very uninspired vocal and lack of originality just left very unpleasant feeling. I like very different music, but most of all want to hear original work of professional musicians.

Unhappily, it didn't happened again. And this vocal - I think they could better be instrumental band ok, then there will be more visible other problems. I believe band's fans are not too much interested in my review. I just put on paper opinion from music fan, who isn't a big neo-prog lover. Preview the embedded widget Pendragon - Pure Album Lyrics 1. Two Roads 3 Comatose Ii. Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:. Bad selection. Save Cancel. Really delete this comment? Yes No. Comatose II - Space Cadet.

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  1. This is the third Pendragon album I've bought, having enjoyed both The Masquerade Overture and The Window of Life. Before Pure, I though of Pendragon as just a step up from amateur, though pleasant to listen to, enough so that I went on to buy my 2nd, and now my third album/5(41).
  2. Sep 04,  · This CD is stellar from start to finish. What never ceases to amaze me is how Nick Barrett can release CD after CD that are each classics in their own rights. The quality of music that is consistently delivered by Pendragon is nothing short of amazing. We always have to wait 3 or 4 years for a new Pendragon release but boy is the wait always /5(42).
  3. Home And Dry - B2: It's Only Me: Notes Limited edition of on indigo blue coloured vinyl. comes in a gatefold cover, with printed innersleeve Barcode and Other Identifiers Barcode: Pendragon (3) Pure ‎ (CD, Album + DVD-V + Ltd, RE, Dig) Toff Records: PEND17CD: UK: /5(19).
  4. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Pure - Pendragon on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Pure - Pendragon on AllMusic - Comatose III: Home and Dry. Nick Barrett. Pendragon. Spotify Amazon: 6.
  5. Before Pure, I though of Pendragon as just a step up from amateur, though pleasant to listen to, enough so that I went on to buy my 2nd, and now my third album. I'll start by stating that Pure is worlds above the previous two, and a lot of that is because of the drumming/5(41).
  6. Pure is the eighth studio album by English neo-progressive rock group Pendragon. It was first released on October 1, , as a regular edition on Toff Records, the band's own imprint, and reissued on March 14, , as a special CD+DVD edition in rigid digi book through Madfish, a division label of Snapper Music. The DVD in the new special packaging has an 1hr. 24min. footage titled 'Handy-Cam .
  7. Pure by Pendragon, released 01 October 1. Indigo 2. Eraserhead 3. Comatose i. View from the Seashore 4. Comatose ii. Space Cadet 5. Comatose iii. Home and Dry 6. The Freak Show 7. It's Only Me Multi-award winning album featuring the fan favourite "Indigo".

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