Hold Tight

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Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. If you can just hold on I'll go and get some help. Is spying an invasion of privacy or a parent's right to know?? We, as parents, want to protect our children but where do we draw the line? Mike and Tia Baye feel the same way about their 16 year old son, Adam. They cross the line Another wonderfully crafted story by this author. Twists, turns, suspense. Page-turning at it's best! Dec 21, Sean Peters rated it really liked it.

This was my January book Pal read, and yet another great Harlan Coben book, full of great characters, twists and turns, with the whole story and different characters weaving in and out of the plots very intertestingly and all coming together for an exciting and frightening few chapters. A story filled with the life behind closed doors of four families, and how one thing said can sent the whole ball running and cause a chain effect of events and deaths.

Brought together so well by the author. I usually quite like Harlan Coben, but I found this one really hard to get in to. I did find it more engrossing towards the end, but then I had a different issue of finding it incredibly far fetched and unbelievable, and there were too many coincidences.

Jul 15, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: male-author , mystery. In Harlan Coben's latest thriller, Hold Tight , Mike and Tia Baye experience a chilling couple of days because of a decision to put spyware on their son's computer. When Mike and Tia learn through an e-mail that Adam is going to attend a party with drinking and drugs, they set out to intercept him and prevent him from going without letting on to the fact that they know, and even more importantly HOW they know.

But something goes awry when there is no party. But where is Adam? That's when Mike s In Harlan Coben's latest thriller, Hold Tight , Mike and Tia Baye experience a chilling couple of days because of a decision to put spyware on their son's computer. This plan leads Mike to a shady neighborhood where HE is attacked, and he still hasn't found Adam. As if Mike Baye doesn't have enough to worry about, his medical partner, Ilene Goldfarb is treating Lucas Loriman, the son of his next door neighbors Susan and Dante Loriman.

Through blood testing to find a kidney donor, they learn that Dante is not Lucas's father. The young boy doesn't have much hope unless they can locate his actual father or a paternal relative.

AND the plot continues to layer with the abductions and murders of two women connected to this same neighborhood. Those murders tie into a whole separate element of the novel - or so it seems to be separate. Coben juggles a lot of characters and plot lines in this novel. He does bring them together at the end of the book, but you may want to have a small chart to keep track of everyone in the book. I found myself asking, "now which character is this again?

If you're a parent, this book might just scare the bejeebers out of you. The obvious question threaded throughout the entire book is "should you spy on your children? That's the point of the multi-dimensional plot. He gives you a look at the evils of both options. Coben has this knack for slowly giving you clues that you don't know you're getting. So you feel like you're in the dark with no idea where you're headed - and with the twists and turns in this novel, that just intensifies the feeling of being completely lost.

But then he starts to bring all the pieces together and they make sense. I found myself saying, "of course! I will admit that there was one element I found too convenient in the end, but you can have that with fiction, I guess.

I think I've said this before about Coben, but every time I pick up one of his books I think it should be locked in a time capsule. He defines the statement "art imitates life. While I do hope the events of this book aren't happening or haven't happened anywhere in the world, it isn't hard to imagine them happening because of the realism in all other elements of the book.

One of the other heavy topics that comes up in this book is teenage suicide. One of the characters commits suicide before the story begins. Coben gives the reader a glimpse of the effects this event has on both parents as well as the character's best friend. I've not had a child commit suicide, but I could definitely connect with Betsy Hill after this insight: "The house was dead.

That was how Betsy Hill would describe it. It wasn't merely quiet or still. The house was hollow, gone, deceased - its heart had stopped beating, the blood had stopped flowing, the innards had begun to decay. Dead as a doornail, whatever the hell that meant. Dead as her son, Spencer. The focus is more on the ethical question of spying and on the plot development. Of course at pages, if Coben had put in more character development, I might have been reading for another week.

But I think the lack of character development was intentional. This approach made the scenario open to anyone. This isn't something that could happen to only a select, specific group of people, but rather it could happen to the family down the street And that is the scariest part of all.

View all 3 comments. Jun 06, A. When Alfred Hitchcock said that whodunnits can basically be summed up in an epilogue, he wasn't exaggerating. I've taken classes, read the best authors, examined everything from Edgar Allen Poe to Elmore Leonard. I figured that since I've got a reading list pretty stacked with horror, fantasy and scifi, I might want to shake things up a bit, add a little variety, and take a look at Harlan Coben.

That, and he happens When Alfred Hitchcock said that whodunnits can basically be summed up in an epilogue, he wasn't exaggerating. That, and he happens to be my father's favorite author. Nothing against my old man, but this book is lacking. First of all, Coben has two speeds: dialogue and exposition. When he's not cramming same-speaking characters into scene after scene of noirish banter, he's got his writerly cap on, trying desperately to make me care about his cast of stock characters.

Oh sure, I suppose they each have a trait or two that helps me distinguish them, but they're all universally uninspiring. His style is blunt. You want frills and pink doilies? Piss off. That is, of course, until he realizes that his own characters lack backstory and world view. At varying times throughout the page novel the plot gets put on hold while he delves for a page or two into the life and times of Character X, Y, or Z. Half of it pertains to the obligatory ending; the other half is just Perhaps my scathing criticism is a product of my tastes, but with nearly every mystery I've ever read, the author seems to simply be going through the motions.

Coben is particularly guilty of a class 1 felony, Failure to Develop Characters. The only——and I mean only——reason I can muster as to why people read a book like this is simple. You've got four hours to Florida, and four hours back, plus or minus ten in waiting, delays, etc. You're not looking for depth, you're not looking for substance. What you need is a question presented to you on page one which should, if all goes well, be answered on page Don't waste time with characters, don't waste time with a theme.

Give me the cotton candy book and help me take my mind off the stench of the guy sitting next to me. Take a pass on this. Mar 01, Chuck rated it it was amazing. Yes, this is me, not writing on a fantasy novel. I've actually, I think, read all of Coben's novels. He is the the author of the everyday, writing characters who lead lives like yours and mine. He also explores how fragile our everyday lives are--how our dedication to lives and family and children can come undone by the smallest thing--an unkind remark from a teacher, a car accident, or the fact that we resemble someone else and are mistaken for them.

In Coben's world, the consequences are dire, Yes, this is me, not writing on a fantasy novel. In Coben's world, the consequences are dire, but in some ways that makes his plots more believable.

What happens to his characters, who are usually in thier 30s and 40s leading normal lives and have families, could happen to nearly every one of us. Coben's main plot device is always the disappearance; he has staked out a corner of northern New Jersey where all his novels happen and where we meet similar characters over and over. These are not series novels; the main character in one novel appears in a few scenes in the second--but the effect is one of accretion; you feel as if you're getting to know these people, this town, that neighborhood.

This novel follows the disappearance of Mike Baye's teenage son, who simply does't come home one day--a parents' worst nightmare come to life. There are a series of interrelated plots, all of which come together in a surprising yet logical way, and, just when you think the plot is solved, there is another twist.

Great read, great author, great book. Everytime I finish one of Coben's novels, I am profoundly grateful for my workaday life. Aug 20, Brigitta Moon rated it it was amazing. This was a book that lived up to it's title. There were multiple stories going on that I just could not see how they were connected. Each page made me go to the next. The characters are so well formed that even in death you could envision their lives, their struggles and pain. The way Harlan Coben has written the scenes in the book is movie like, not just going from scene to scene or event to event; he describes scenes and events within a scene.

I listened to the audiobook in the car and read th This was a book that lived up to it's title. I listened to the audiobook in the car and read the book in the house. A new vehicle has formed; a metaphor for rebirth and new shape of life. For more information:. It felt great to get back into the studio again. It's that eternal mistress that will have your heart forever. For me that is Copenhagen.

Also I am happy to have Drew on board on this banger. He just makes everything percent more intense! Going in to the old gym I found this empty pool with all these cool plants. I thought they were real. Turns out they are all fake, and that this was the setting for the Netflix series The Rain. Crazy Arms. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree. Hold Tight, Hold Tight. Melancholy Moon. Rum and Coca-Cola. Shoo Shoo Baby. Well All Right Tonight's the Night. More Albums. Straighten Up and Fly Right - Remastered.

Lullaby of Broadway. Back in Your Own Backyard.

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  2. hold tight. 1. Literally, to grasp someone or something firmly. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "hold" and "tight." Please hold tight to my hand as we cross the street. My prom date held me tight as we swayed to the music. Betsy, hold tight to the string so the balloon doesn't blow away! 2.
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  4. Verb 1. hold tight - hold firmly, usually with one's hands; "She clutched my arm when she got scared" cling to, hold close, clutch hold, take hold - have or Hold tight - definition of hold tight .
  5. Hold Tight explores a number of difficult issues that confront lots of families, including the matter of how to balance parental oversight with giving your children the room to grow and become strong independent individuals, the question of how one attempts to balance a career with your family responsibilities, and the difficulties of managing as a single parent/5.
  6. DEFINITIONS 2. 1. used for telling someone to hold something, so that they do not drop it or so that they do not fall. Hold tight when we go round the corner! Synonyms and related words. +. To hold something or someone. carry. hold on.
  7. RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR HOLD TIGHT. squeeze. verbexert pressure on sides, parts of something. bear. choke. clasp. clip. clutch. compress.
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