Droned - Phil Collins - Face Value (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Foxee says:. Ern says:. Paul E. Elizabeth Hirst says:. Leonardo Lotti Marques says:. I share the same sentiment. Danny says:. Marc says:. Rob says:. Kauwgompie says:. Ian Harris says:. Or available at any charity shop near you on black vinyl for 50p.

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Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date February 6, At the Office Introspection Late Night. Track Listing. In the Air Tonight. Phil Collins. Perhaps this is a record in SDE for the largest number of negative reactions in the shortest amount of time!? I recommend the original vinyl versions as the best sound until we can compare with these remastered liqorice pizzas ….

Same digital files as the CDs? Many thanks! The majority of comments are spot on although Mr PC will ignore them. The concept of live bonus tracks is always dodgy idea and could have been put on a separate project.

The new cover I will refrain on commenting- but what a missed chance! But what is Phil Collins to the masses? As it is the second discs for each are probably under 60 minutes each. Plenty of room to fill in another tracks each. Like many here, a DV or BR audio disc would of been nice — either part of the set or separate. But I think WB has a history of not releasing them — with exceptions.

Pete Townsend remasters are expected this fall. He was on WB. Hope the demos presented here on FV are better sound quality and have a reel interest. The deal may not have included video materials or an agreement to supply surround sound mixes. Collins how he wants to present something to the public? This is not a new smart phone or tablet coming out, where input from the consumer can help to better the product.

No, this is music, first and foremost an art form, offered to us by an artist, who -until proven otherwise- thrives on sincerity. Collins wants it to be, so I presume. Just a thought. This is less about artistic expression than it is selling something again to the hardcore fanbase so to not tailor that to the wants of those fans is just bad business. I doubt that Collins or Rhino want that, do you…?

The original release of an art form is and should remain the sole vision of the artist that gave birth to it. But after this has been available to the public, what is it that still really belongs to the artist? Many acknowledge the fact that an album or a movie does not belong to them anymore once it is released and I quite understand what they mean. There are artists in the musical industry that have never reissued any album in remastered form from their back catalogue Janet Jackson for example.

We have those remixes already. Of course you can listen to them online or illegally download etc. Why bother with all these reissue then. This is a place thanks to Paul S. If they decide to stick with their original plan not to change a thing. No problem. I believe most of us were happy with most Paul Young reissues. Phil never looks great anyway! Probably should have kept the original covers to stay true to the release. I get with a retrospective like the recent David Bowie release that you see him change through the years, but the Phil re-releases should be just that.

I was never a fan anyway so not something I would buy. Fan, Phil Collins is 65 next birthday, what do you expect him to look like?

He is not sick and looks perfectly fine for his age. No one who lives long enough has any choice about getting old, but being grim and sad is a personal choice. If I was about to pay, it would be for a complete product. Cd2 the bonus CD as it is now. As pointed somewhere else, Phil Collins was basically reluctant about all this. Whomever Phil Collins or Warner Music executives vetoed the more extensive Deluxe Editions that the fans so clearly wanted, now must find a face-saving way out.

I would say, that in the final years of his recording career, that Collins veered too far towards M. Doing songs for Disney cartoons was an Elton John type of things. Phil Collins was not cut out to be the next Elton John. Do Elvis fans would buy a posthumous album with the picture cover of him sick,or on stage with a nice glittery costume at the prime of his age? I have no complaints about the mixes and masterings of the other albums in those boxes.

The artists who give their fans what they want will get our business. I only really like Invisible Touch and that is the only one I bought. I thought it sounded really unpleasant. Funny thing to see that those new editions will display a front cover that has aged but an audio content in which they try to conceal that it has…. I think thats pretty good really.

Inspred covers. I think it will be interesting to hear those bonus tracks when they are actually released, while it is not loaded with unreleased songs or studio content, Phil has already released many of his demos to his hardcore fanbase already.

On a sonic approach these discs may work as something you may want to hear on a repeated basis rather than a content heavy curio you only listen to once. Along with the cd, vinyl and box sets they need to release both albums on blu-ray with the 2.

I never was a fan of the Both Sides album. This is just a ridiculous mock up of a second disc of bonus content for Face Value! The only B-side you could release but it could have been released on Hello I Must Be Going as well because it was a b-side on those singles is the Brand X song …And so to F… Live … which he wrote in The Both Sides re-issue however is really disappointing. It only contains a few of the B-sides that he released in that period. And he released a lot of non-album tracks on his singles in those years.

He was really productive then. A Missed chance. Just placed an order for the vinyl box set. The success comes from listening and giving fans additional material they actually want in my opinion. These seem like the audio equivalent of vanity book publishing to me. Phil already has two live albums and multiple live sets on video, so why more live tracks? Jewel Cases are easily replaced — torn cardboard sleeves, not so much.

A quote below from Phil attached to the preorder page here in Australia which might make more sense out of these reissues. Hi Paul, Do you think the lack of a more comprehensive reissue ie SD Box sets has to do with costs and perhaps which company is prepared to help foot the manufacturing bill.

Maybe these two highly competitive companies could not agree on formats. Warner are not know for adding 5. What do you think? Under the new contract, Collins is now on Warner Music worldwide. The UK license to the Virgin label has ended. My bad. He now has a global deal with Warner. Still they are not known for adding 5. Maybe as I said in my first post the 5. Maybe this could be a great idea to satisfy all of us. What do you think about that Paul? Now, what really pissed me off is the lack of 5.

Good spot… it does look like it. Also, there is a slight flaw in the concept since Phil is 34 years older for Face Value but only 22 years older than himself for Both Sides. He could have at least waited another 12 years for Both Sides for the sake of consistency ;.

That is exactly what this should have been. Again, not including 5. Why are they being left to gather dust in the vaults? Stop being so pedantic! As for me? Single disc versions would have been nice. As for future releases not containing stuff we will wait and see because there is no point in specualting about that now. Erm not really. There are plenty of fans who have responded on this thread that will not be buying thesr reissues. I think these new covers are superb. I think Phil has got it spot on.

He knows these are going to sell to existing fans who already have the originals. In fact I think he looks better here than he did on the originals. More distinguished, more world-weary, more in keeping with the songs. Nice one. As for the moaners…ah, let them moan. Those who are fans will buy these reissues. I guess i will just purchase that one song as download, if available, otherwise i will skip the reissue project totally. They are fantastic reissues complete with b sides.

Granted not all or 12 inch mixes but that could be put on some discs in the future. Phil Collins, read these comments and give the fans what they want. I like Phil Collins. But no new remixes from now like Cyndi Lauper did with hers.

I liked what Phil did with his singles off …But seriously scattered around on his CD singles back then. And N O to the new cover. This new cover scared me off. And also N O to all the Live tracks. Also disappointed. I expected something great but this is fatal what to publish.

I hope they realize before editing that what they are doing is not what most fans want. Okay, I believe everything I have to say about this release has already been said before. I find these 2 reissues a missed opportunity. The missing B-sides on Both Sides are big, big omissions too. Personally I think it was an excellent idea to reproduce the original album covers this way! It takes some gut too. I am quite sure it came from Collins himself.

Obviously, the updated pictures symbolise his ownership and control of the material in present times, and, along with the hugely disappointing track lists, he obviously wants to decouple these albums from their places in the past and give them a bizaree, almost anachronistic, place in the present. The mind boggles….. I must admit to laughing at all the comments of imaginary missing tracks — what are you all smoking?

IMHO, amazing what Mr. Collins was able to do while juggling his considerable Genesis commitments. Video content or 5.

The new covers are sneaky good, nice surprise. Although an interesting idea, I would prefer to have the original pictures on the front of the reissues how he looked when he sang them.

By all means include within the packaging but not on the front. Not interested in the live material. He could have done the same as Kraftwerk with new covers on the outer sleeves to create a common theme for the series, but the original covers within. Why are they not reissuing his albums in the order they were originally released? Just adding a load of live tracks is pointless and a cop-out.

Collins produced the album himself with assistance from Hugh Padgham , who would co-produce several of Collins and Genesis's subsequent albums in the s. Initially he considered George Clinton , Maurice White , or Phil Ramone until he realised that he merely wanted someone to endorse his own ideas.

Reece prepared a cut which Collins was satisfied with. The simple style of music on Face Value was reasoned by Collins as his fondness of Weather Report 's simple melodies and for black music.

Collins said he wanted to experiment with different sounds and was inspired by the work of his former bandmate Peter Gabriel, who had used drum programming on his last album; Collins was part of these sessions. Many of the songs' arrangements were done by Collins and session arranger Thomas "Tom Tom 84" Washington.

He incorporated Indian-styled violins, played by L. Shankar , for additional textures. The last recording session for Face Value was in January , prior to the release of the first single, " In the Air Tonight ".

Atlantic CEO Ahmet Ertegun advised Collins to perform drums during the verses and opening of the song, whereas the album version does not feature live drumming until the bridge. The album features songs of different genres. The cover of The Beatles ' " Tomorrow Never Knows " includes instruments and vocals playing in reverse while Collins provided multi-layered background vocals and sparse drumming.

After the song ends, Collins can be heard quietly singing " Over the Rainbow " in reference to the recent murder of John Lennon ; this final song is unlisted on most releases of the album the original US cassette version being an exception , and would be the only time Collins used a hidden track on one of his own releases. Collins regarded Face Value as a highly personal project, which gave rise to the iconic cover art with Collins' face in extreme close-up, originally intended to symbolise the listener "getting into his head"; the reverse side of the sleeve shows the rear of his head, although the CD version of the album placed this image on the insert card instead.

To emphasise the personal nature of the album, Collins also hand wrote all of the liner and sleeve notes, even down to the legal statements on the outer circumference of the centre label of the disc itself. Both of the main visual elements of Face Value — the facial close-up, and the handwritten notes — would become a motif of Collins' subsequent albums until 's Dance into the Light.

When crediting the musicians in the liner notes, rather than write "Phil Collins", Collins simply wrote "Me", although in future albums he would write his initials "PC".

Released on 13 February , [13] Face Value became an immediate success, reaching No. Other songs such as " I Missed Again " found modest success reaching No. Sales of the album reached five million in the US and went five-times platinum in the UK and ten-times platinum in Canada. No solo tour was produced from this album. Face Value was released to critical acclaim.

He stated: "Collins proves himself a passionate singer and distinctive drummer with a gift for both deeply felt ballads and snarling rockers. He also called the album "pop music about personal turmoil". However, he stated that "the singer's broken heart is too clearly on his sleeve, and musical missteps abound".

However, he described the cover of the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" as "absolutely atrocious" and queried: "Why Collins thought it was necessary to lay such a giant turd on an otherwise awesome album is beyond us. Face Value' s most potent quality was its emotional transparency. Like the pensive portrait on the cover, the songs addressed the listener with unflinching directness. Nigel F from the Scunthorpe Telegraph gave the reissue a brief, but very positive review, praising Collins' hits such as "In the Air Tonight" and claiming the reworked material "sounds as fresh as ever".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Droned. Phil Collins. Phil Collins — vocals, drums 1, 3, 6, 7, 9—12 , Roland VP vocoder 1, 6, 10 , CR drum machine 1, 6, 12 , Prophet-5 synthesizer 1, 2, 5—7, 10—12 , Fender Rhodes 1, 2, 9, 11 , percussion 2, 10 , piano 4—8, 10 , handclaps 5, 9 , congas 5 , marimba 6 , acoustic guitar 13 Daryl Stuermer — guitars 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12 , banjo 4 , string guitar 5 John Giblin — bass guitar 1, 9, 10, 12 L.

Shankar — violin 1, 5, 7, 12 , tamboura 5 , "voice drums" 5 Alphonso Johnson — bass 2, 3, 6, 7, 11 J. Retrieved 14 May Ultimate Classic Rock. Retrieved 22 August The Guardian.

(Redirected from Droned) Face Value is the debut solo studio album by English drummer and singer-songwriter Phil Collins, released on 13 February by Virgin Records in the UK and Atlantic Records in the US and abroad.

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  1. Phil Collins "Face Value" was his first solo record released in and it definitely set the pattern for what we would come to expect from him in the next decade. Up to this point he was the drummer and then lead singer of Genesis and after this record he was a star/5().
  2. Label: Atlantic - WEA 99 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Pop Rock Phil Collins - Face Value (, Vinyl) | Discogs Explore/5().
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Vinyl release of Face Value on Discogs/5().
  4. Face Value Our stock on Discogs. A1 – In The Air Tonight A2 – This Must Be Love A3 – Behind The Lines A4 – The Roof Is Leaking A5 – Droned A6 – Hand In Hand B1 – I Missed Again B2 – You Know What I Mean B3 – Thunder And Lightning Face Value. Artist: Phil Collins. Format: Album, LP, RE. Catalog number: V Year:
  5. phil collins - no jacket required / vinyl lp record atlantic 7 tested $ Flaming Youth ‎- Ark 2 - Phil Collins - Vinyl LP Record Album - Excellent.
  6. Face Value [LP] by Phil Collins (Vinyl, Jan, Rhino (Label)) out of 5 stars (4) Total Testify by Phil Collins (Vinyl, Apr, 2 Discs, Warner Bros.) $ New. $ Used. Phil Collins Hello I Must Be Going LP Vinyl Record Gatefold Atlantic 1st Press. $ New. $ Used. Phil Collins Dance Into The Light g Remastered.
  7. PHIL COLLINS " FACE VALUE " UK ISSUE VINYL LP £ postage. Ending Today at PM BST 15h 51m Click & Collect. RECORD ALBUM PHIL COLLINS FACE VALUE £ 1 bid. Free postage. Ending 15 Aug at PM BST 6d 16h. Phil Collins - Face Value Gatefold Vinyl LP PHIL COLLINS Face Value CD GENESIS In The Air Tonight I Missed.
  8. PHIL COLLINS FACE VALUE LP VIRGIN Records - First pressing A1 B1. £ Phil Collins ‎– I Missed Again Vinyl 7" P/S Single UK Virgin VS Make offer - Vinyl 12 inch Record Single Phil Collins Take Me Home with map. PHIL COLLINS GENESIS YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE PICTURE DISC 7” Vinyl Single

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