Amanda - Black Blood (2) - Blood Brother, Blood Sister (Vinyl, LP)

Introduced in season two of CW's "Arrow. Arrow - Brother Blood. Sebastian was the eighth individual to assume the name of Brother Blood. As demanded by seven generations of tradition, whoever holds such a title is recognized as the High Priest of the Church of Blood and an emissary to the demonic entity known as Trigon.

Brother Blood. However, she was saved by Jiro and they started to fight. Jiro asked him who bit him to become what he is. August said he wasn't bitten but instead drank the blood of a Kowloon Child. Jiro defeats August when two other Coven vampires attacked both him and Mimiko and Kotaro. Jiro saved himself but did not have time to save Mimiko and Kotaro. Fortunately, they were saved by Yafuri.

Although he save the two, Jiro quickly went in between them and confirmed with Yafuri that he is a direct descendant of the Kowloon King. Yafuri also told Jiro that in the past 10 years, his sister Cassa has said nothing but she wants to see Jiro again. Jiro was deeply upset. Jiro fights Yafuri, but Yafuri seems to have the advantage.

Their battle is interrupted by the arrival of the suppresion team. Jiro leaves Mimiko. The Company discuss how they will handle the case of Kowloon contamination in the Special Zone. Kain explains his history with Cassandra Jill Warlock, explaining that she may be involved.

Zaza tells Yafuri that he shouldn't confront the Silver Blade by himself, but Yafuri ignores his warnings. Kotaro leaves Jiro so he can say good-bye to Mimiko. Mimiko wakes up in a hotel where she meets Hibari and Kelly.

Kelly encourages Mimiko to find Jiro. Kain explains to Jiro that Cassa and the Kowloon children aren't after him or his brother. Mimiko and Kelly try to look for Jiro. Kotaro is rescued by Zelman.

Kotaro continues to look for Mimiko. Zelman joins him. The Suppression team discover a bunch of vampire bodies. Rinsuke tells Jiro that he'll help him find Kotaro, but he wants Jiro to find Mimiko so that he can apologize to her. Kain battles Yafuri. Kain is badly injured, but is able to defeat Yafuri by turning to Kain the blue wolf. Mimiko and Kelly discover illegal inventory of vampire blood. Also, Mimiko learns a dark secret about Kelly. The false Kelly Wong is actually Cassa, who is holding Mimiko captive so that she can see Jiro again.

Rinsuke become unconcsious due to hypnotic suggestion by Kain. Hibari tells Jiro where he can find her. After her fight with Zelman, Cassa decides to leave, but not before giving a message about the Coven. The Company discover that the vampires that the Suppression team rescued in the previous episode are actually Kowloon children as they start infecting others with their blood. Jinnai learns that it was because of the blood packs that Mimiko discovered.

Sei is confronted by Zaza, who tells him that if he doesn't tell him the location of the Eleventh Yard, he will destroy the OCC building with a hidden bomb. Before he could, he was impaled by Zhang. Zaza then steals a body of one of the Suppression team members, then helps Yafuri escape. The Special Zone is plunging into disaster. Kain discovers that Yafuri has escaped.

Sei sets out to end the outbreak of Kowloon children. Yafuri and Zaza start searching for Cassa, but are attacked by Kain. The Suppresion team are having trouble maintaining the outbreak, but are rescued by Sei.

Zelman is seen killing members of the Coven, because they're Kowloon children. Jiro finds Kotaro, but he still wants to leave the Special Zone. Kain is catching up with Yafuri and Zaza, but is stopped by Cassa. After a long conversation with Jiro, Mimiko is finally able to convince him to stay with her.

Shortly after, Zaza appears as a Kowloon child and shots Jiro multiple times with a gun. Jiro falls into the river, with Zaza jumping in and stabbing Jiro multiple times. Mimiko jumps in an attempt to save Jiro's life. Jiro stops Zaza from killing Mimiko, but he is severely injured. Mimiko, however, allows him to drink her blood. Now fully healed, Jiro defeats Zaza and heads toward his final battle with Cassa. Sei clears the way for Jiro so he can get there faster.

On the way, Jiro explains that he and Kotaro came to the Special Zone so that Kotaro can make new friends.

Jiro doesn't want Kotaro to be alone when he's not around anymore. The vampire that turned Jiro was Alice Eve, the Sage. She was a source blood, and one of the most ancient black bloods. She never wanted to share her blood with anyone, except for Jiro, who is the only person she shared her blood with.

As her protector, it's Jiro's responsibility to keep her body and her blood safe. He tried to wed Raven , as a part of a prophecy to bring Trigon to Earth. He was stopped. He later tried to take over the world again, starting with the Teen Titans, by stealing Kid Eternity 's powers.

He raised the dead Titans, planning to kill the living ones. He was stopped by Kid Eternity, who brought back the former Brother Blood's, who tore Sebastian to shreds.

He grew up in Hell, having been tortured for so many years even he can't recall how long. He believes that being there is all part of Trigon's plan. Then one day the magical binds holding him, break, setting him free, turns out all the prisoners in hell have been set free. He sets out to find Trigon, to be his loyal soldier, but is attacked by a demon with tiny mouths on his fingers, who starts drinking his blood.

Brother Blood then gains the upper hand and bites back, finds out the demon has a healing factor, and rips his arms off. He then finds Kid Eternity and tells him to look at his killer. Kid Eternity turns into Aquagirl getting a few punches in before his power runs out. Brother Blood comments on Eternity's power loss, then bites him, teleporting them to Titans Tower. Brother Blood then bites Misfit , uses her powers to teleport, then bites Wonder Girl 's leg, leeching her powers. Brother blood then bites Red Devil , but says his blood is tainted by Neron.

He then uses Red Devil's power to make a portal. He then starts searching for someone to be his 'mother'. First appearing in an ominous dream of Beast Boy post Flashpoint, the helmet he is seen wearing suggests that he is Sebastian Blood. He next appears emerging from a pool of blood, talking to three women who tell him how to open a portal to the Red using the blood of the Ravagers and that one of them is the key. Unlike the previous presentation of Sebastian, he appears rather irreverent and refers to his fleshless acolytes as 'morons' as he dispatches them to capture the targets.

When they resist his acolytes, he shows up and heals Lightning , taking control of her as he touches her blood. He proceeds to drain blood from Thunder as the others are captured.

Back at the sanctuary of the Church of Blood, he recognizes Beast Boy from a dream. Directing himself towards his stomach, he recovered Raven's Chakra stone and forced Blood to regurgitate both the stone and himself.

With Raven now under full control of her powers, she enveloped Brother Blood in her soul-self, transporting him to the eighth plane of Hell. Even in Hell, Brother Blood struggled to find a way to return to Earth and reclaim his title. As luck would have it, the unfettered spirit of vengeance known as the Spectre widened the breach between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead. Brother Blood discovered the late mystic adventurer known as Kid Eternity and chained him to the gates of the afterlife.

Taking control of Eternity's powers, he entered the gates and reappeared on Earth. Brother Blood commanded massive hordes of demons, instructing them to wreak havoc across the Los Angeles area.

Once again, the Teen Titans answered the call of duty and fought Sebastian's forces. He instructed them to go forth and slay the Teen Titans. He brutally attacked her, biting into her shoulder. Beast Boy intervened and saved Raven's life. Blood temporarily escaped.

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  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Blood Brother Blood Sister on Discogs. Label: CBS - CBS • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Funk / Soul •/5(2).
  4. Black Brother, Blood Sister [Vinyl LP] Black Blood soul LP with lead vocals by Banda Kalenga and Thembi Hedo. 11 tracks including: A.I.E. A Mwana; Amanda; Be Happy; Muko Wapi (African Chain Gang); Wela Wela; Shaba; Voodoo; Omeo Pati-Omeo E Pala; Ewohe Dance; Twalikutemwa; Kiswahili (African Song). Product details.
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  6. Explore releases from Black Blood at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Black Blood at the Discogs Marketplace. Black Blood (2) Amanda (Album) 8 versions: Biram: Black Blood (2) Blood Brother, Blood Sister 6 versions: Chrysalis: CBS
  7. Black Blood - Amanda: Tracklist (Vinyl) A: Amanda: B: Muko Wapi (African Chain Gang) * Items below may differ depending on the release. Black Blood Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts Refine Search Results. Artist: Title: Label: Cat Num: Barcode: Genre.
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